Sukura might not suck but stomach issues do.


Darn it I am miserable. My stomach issues will not let up. I have been in pain and nausea almost all day long. I hope that gets better soon. I have not had this issue this badly in over a year. This is very annoying. I woke up at 11:20am and by lunchtime, I was back on the bed in pain. Very frustrating. I think that the soup on Wednesday is the culprit and it is going to take a few more days for my system to recover. I did, however, get through almost all of the course work for my portfolio class. I am going to be done with that class in 3 weeks time. I have left the math alone for now. I am so far ahead I do not really need to worry about it for now. I finished another hat so I have 9 hats to hand in on Friday. I just need to decorate them as I said last time and they will be done. I was doing the laundry in the garage and ran across a bag full of tiny beanies that I had made years ago. I think they will fit newborns and preemies. I also have about ten so I need a place that will take them. I am sure there is a little preemie munchkin that could be kept warm with a hat.


A picture was taken by the boy in Central Park. 

From the photostream on our phones, it seems as if the boy had a fun day yesterday. I found pictures taken in Central Park and at the Met. He is really enjoying the city. I am so glad for him. From the photos, I told him that it looks like he is living Kevin McAllister’s life in Home Alone 2.

He loves Cannolis and so we sent him a birthday treat from a local NYC Italian bakery. He did tell me he thinks that it is the best cannoli he has ever had. Here is the picture. What do you think? I personally do not find them appealing at all.


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  1. michellegiuliani says:

    Thinking of you. Hope you feel better soon ❤️


    1. Thanks Mich. It is so annoying and now it is late at night and I am starving and too scared to eat.


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