The Sakura does not suck.


So as promised, I did go out and move my fat ass, and I went for that walk that I really needed. I only managed 3/4 of a mile, but it was better than nothing. I did see a few trees already covered in cherry blossoms. It is weird that they are blooming pretty early this year and it is still freezing. The trees always seem confused. I am sure that it usually is later in the spring. I took some photos. I will probably add a few more below. Yesterday I went to spend the day with the family in the south bay.  IMG_9522I enjoyed the day with Nana, Papa, my sister and two of my three beautiful nieces. Nothing exciting just relaxing with some good company. The trip home is always a nightmare and especially on a late Friday afternoon. I bailed on the freeway at my usual spot and took the backroads back home. Before heading home, I stopped at Trader Joes for a few dinner items.

One of the items I bought was a package of gouda cheese slices. I was super hungry so I cracked it open and it smelled a little strong but sometimes I tend to have a sensitive nose but I think it was bad because I had had such a awful stomach ache since eating it. I have this pain that I get on my lower right side that I call my Cdiff pain. It has only ever happened since I had cdiff four years ago. Occasionally if I eat incorrectly, I will be in pain for days. I had a bout of pain earlier this week from a cup of spicy soup so I am annoyed to be in pain again today. I fell asleep pretty early last night and slept over 10 hours last night. Today seems to have slipped away way too fast. That is what happens when you have an appointment in the middle of the day and then run a few errands. Boom and it is 4pm. From the photostream, I  noticed that the boy has been in Central Park today. It looks so cold and sparse.

I also took a few photos of some pretty flowers in the Southbay. I am finding that with four of the five iron infusions that I am noticing the world again…for now. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm….except for you down under(you know who I am talking too)stay cool ok. Hugs.

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