Here’s your hat

img_9445.jpgToday it will be the 4th iron infusion for me. I think I might be feeling a little joy from the infusions. I have been avoiding Yin Yoga because I was embarrassed about sitting down halfway through the class last time I was there. I can am such an idiot sometimes. I did not want to go because the instructor was asking was I ok and some other participant told me to lie down. As our kiddo would say when he did not want us paying attention to him…”Don’t look at my face”. So a glaringly simple solution would have been to tell the instructor before the class that I am anemic and receiving treatment and that I was wanting to see how much I could do. But no I never thought of that I would rather just not go. So mentioning it to Not Jean last week she suggested I do just that and so I really wanted to attend so I plucked up the courage to go and I told her before the class started but thank goodness I made it through the whole class. I think that possibly that the infusion is taking effect. I initially felt pooped but I did not even nap when I came home….another victory. So today I want to see if I can go out and walk before heading out for my infusion. I figure I will maybe just try for a mile at the most..possibly less. I noticed that the cherry blossoms in the neighborhood are starting to bloom so I want to charge up the real camera and see if I can get some fresh photos of the blossoms. I love this time of year when the blossoms bloom. They were the first things I started noticing to photograph when I was recovering 4 years ago so to me they are almost a sign of rebirth in a way.

The photo above is of all of the hats that I have made in about 10 days. I will not take them into the hematology/oncology department today because I want to decorate them a little with rosettes or ribbon and buttons before handing them in next week.

I have three more weeks of my portfolio class and then I just have my math class for the rest of the semester. I would say that apart from the tests and quizzes I have worked through 75 % of the work and the class only finishes at the end of May. I find I am a little addicted to taxing my brain. My problem is retention. I literally forget everything within about 5 min of watching the instructional videos so then I have to go back and watch them again. I have a word of advice. Stay in school because doing math at 52 is not ideal … say the least.

Oh well, let me get my fat a$$ moving and head out for a walk. Happy Thursday. I hope that you have a super day. If you see some pictures below after I publish this blog it will be photos I take on my walk.


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