It’s raining again.

Taken on the fence outside Not Jean’s office

Well, we said goodbye yesterday morning to the boy as he heads back to college in the big apple. I hope to God he is behaving. It was wonderful to have him home. There seems to be a little bit of a romance on the go with a girl who he has claimed was his best friend. He even got dressed up to take her to dinner the other night. How do you stop worrying that they are not getting into mischief? I know he is a grown young man but young guys are notorious for not being practical and sensible. All you can do I guess is trust them and hope that they think carefully before doing things that could be reckless. Thank God I got to see Not Jean today. I had to talk through my worries to help calm myself down. It took my anxiety down a few notches. I have been busy setting up my office at the moment. I have different ventures on the go. None of them making any money but hey we will get there. I am committed to decluttering the house so many things are going to goodwill or up for sale on various online stores. I sold an incomplete lego set today. I will just put the money towards funding my design business I guess. Not sure what that is yet.

Tomorrow I am going to make an effort to go to restorative yoga. I have to go because I have been taking the lorazepam again. I have been fighting the sleeping issues by adding a CBD gummy. They seem to help a little lately. I can, however, say that it is so wonderful that the iron infusions are holding their own and I have still had energy and that is why all of this cleaning is getting done. Give it a few months and I will be back to being Droopy Doris again…and that refers to my energy, not my boobs…LOL…just kidding.

It is 1:15 am and I am face timing the NY guy at 9am. We always facetime on Tuesdays. I still do want to go to yoga because the house is getting cleaned tomorrow. Oh well, that is me done for today. I am going to weed a few stickers and then try and go to sleep. I have two weeding videos up on youtube. I still want to keep adding to that and see if it gathers momentum. I have a drawer full of vinyl to work with.

I know it is only Monday but hang in there and congratulations to my sweet WU on her driver’s license. It was her car that was involved in my sister’s car accident. They wrote the car off so Wu will be getting a new car…again..Do not let your mother near it ok…..I love ya girl.


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