The little things in life


I love little things hence the weird parade of items that stare at me when I am sitting at the computer. I am sitting here looking at them and I just realized I have the League of nations staring at me. Two Russians, Three Africans, One Alien, One Mexican, One Buddhist, and two Japanese Kokeshi. I get so lonely that I like having them for company when I work here during the day. I am starting to formulate a plan of things I want to accomplish so that I can move towards making this hobby pay off. Not sure what I want it to be. I am done with all of my school work for the whole semester. I just have to do the math tests and I am done until the summer semester.

I am loving this little treasure hunting hobby of going to look for old things at the local Salvation Army shop. I have found such lovely treasures. I like to come home and read up on markings etc. The quirky things always intrigue me. The latest thing I have is a small apricot colored iridescent creamer made by Haviland of France. After some searching, it was interesting to find out that it is part of the famous Limoge company and the marking dates this creamer between 1894 and 1930.  You learn something every day. Once I figure it out I am going to list it on eBay. Today I created a short intro and outro to use for my Youtube videos. I am liking it. I had to try and remember how to make animations but then I found out I could use an Adobe product to create it very easily. I also took care of two tax and business registrations for a business that makes no money yet. I even created an “April showers” themed fabric for a competition. All of that and I even conked on the bed for an hour. I am using a lot of brain power processing that my kiddo is not coming home for 4 months.

Hopefully, I will not be up until 4 am again. I am watching or should I say listening to youtube. I like listening to youtubers that discuss true crime. I find it fascinating. I want to spend some time searching for more information on this creamer. It is proving to be a little bit of a unicorn. Google search returns are really up to shit lately. I am sure that they are messing with algorithms for nefarious political reasons but they are screwing up all their search results. You never get what you are looking for. I asked for images of lustreware apricot colored Haviland creamer and I got white Limoge plates…..WTF.

Ok before I leave I have to have a mini-rant about that useless waste of oxygen Jussie Smollet. This assclown committed a crime that could have resulted in a race war and he commits a racist crime and he walks away scot free. They have a video of the Laurel and Hardy buying the equipment and he wrote them a personal check. Not only that he has this arrogant smug look on his face. I would slap him upside his head if I was his mother and while I am on it…why does this ass not have a grownup name. I am incensed by this case. I just hope that woman loses her job. I never thought I would agree with Rahm Emanual the mayor of Chicago but we are on the same page on this one.  I hope the Feds throw the book at this POS and do not get me started on the Mueller witchhunt.

Mini rant over. Happy Humpday. Catch you later.

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