She Shoots, she scores….bunnies

IMG_0350So it is almost midnight and once again I cannot sleep. I am not sure how much I have to share but here goes. I am in a weird place again today. I am angry inside. Weirdly angry and agitated and sad and……..Many confused feelings all jumbled together. I went to mail some items at the post office and I decided I was close enough to go to Target(I never go to Target) to go and look for the bunnies photographed above. I have no idea why I love these little guys but it is the only Easter candy that grabs me. I have searched high and low so finding them at Target was pretty neat. I came home and spent the rest of the day farting around on the internet and making a new weeding video which did not turn out ok.

As I guessed I have absolutely nothing else to tell you. Tomorrow,I am heading to the Southbay to have coffee with the old folks and my sister. Maybe tomorrow I can pull something more interesting together including a link to my new video.  I think there is a big learning curve. Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend if I do not check in tomorrow.


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