Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain

IMG_1673I cannot say this will be very exciting or very lengthy but I am so darn wiped tonight. Today has been blechhhh. Yesterday I was wandering around to various stores and I was out past lunch time. Now I usually just come home and eat from the same small list of things that I have in my repertoire but I was hungry so I stopped and got a grilled chicken sandwich…That will teach me a lesson to just stick to lunch at home. The chicken must have been cooked on a grill contaminated by beef. OMG. I woke up in agony this morning. I was in a full-blown autoimmune flareup. It literally felt like someone was pounding on my arms with a big metal stick. My whole body was aching. One big throbbing mess. So I decided I still wanted to go to Restorative Yoga….God Bless the 80-year-old instructor. I could not even lie in the poses. She insisted on helping me set up a side pose that worked for me. I felt older than she is. Well, at least I got out. I came home and I took a rest on the couch for an hour after making my own lunch of cottage cheese and avocado. I took four Advil and it seems to be calming down at last. I still can feel the results of this mess up and it will take a few days to completely dissipate.

Tomorrow I am having coffee with an old friend that I have not seen in about 5 years. Our boys went to preschool together. I am looking forward to a good visit with her.

We spoke to the man in NYC today and he seems to be fine. I am so glad that he has received confirmation that he does not have to change dorms for the summer. It makes his life a lot easier to just have to change digs for the fall. He is in a relationship at the moment with a sweet girl from his high school. They have decided to try and make a long distance romance work. She is going to be upstate NY in the fall for college. I am not passing judgment but he broke up with his last girlfriend…also a wonderful girl like this one. He really seems settled and enjoying the room to himself this week because his roommate is home for a week. He has already made fast and firm friends and he is rooming with one of those pals in the fall.

I have been keeping myself busy with designing some surface designs for the spoonflower competitions and I have been selling my quirky salvation army store finds. I try and stick to small items. I have no patience to ship big items because this is just a fun hobby. The thing I enjoy is coming home and then exploring the internet to find out what I have bought.

Oh well, I guess that is all you are going to get out of me tonight. I will have to check this blog in the morning to check and see just how many mistakes are in this blog. I apologize in advance. I am sitting here dropping off to sleep. Maybe I will actually sleep at a reasonable time tonight. Below I have posted my three new seamless designs. I am so happy with all three of them.

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