On the road to nowhere

IMG_0470Today was really a nothing day. Nothing extraordinary happened just another nothing day in the life of Sharon. I have been doing ok and I can honestly say that I slept very well but the mood was too much to fight. I feel so mehh again. Nothing is exciting, nothing is thrilling and life as an empty nester is full of nothing. Whatever I try to use to entertain myself the novelty wears off quickly and the nothing is back. Sorry to sound such a Debbie Downer but that is my mood today. That serious inflammatory response from Monday is gone. Thank God. I really am happy not to be in pain. I do have weird chills again. I am not sure why that happens with me from time to time. I have never figured out the reason.

Every new thing I attempted today just never worked out. I am trying to figure out how to make stickers on the Cricut. I cannot get the cuts right. I have this great little ketchup mustard vector drawing that I made years ago and I cannot figure out how to get the Cricut to cut it in the right places. Time to turn to youtube. I figured out how to create a better seamless pattern with a different method. This is the result and my entry to the Australian flora competition. I decided to do something very different and made primitive drawings of the plants. I like the result. gooddayblog.jpg

Well, guys. Here we are halfway through the week again..shit no. Almost through the week. I forgot for a minute that it was already Thursday. Tomorrow I have yoga and a 90-minute facial to look forward to tomorrow. Happy Friday here comes the weekend.

Sleep tight.


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