1+1 is still 2 and other stuff



So what can you do with heart shaped wine bottles from the 1950s….tada….I had fun doing this one. Hell anything to keep the sadness and anger at bay. Yesterday after the Dr visit I went to the goodwill and found a unique piece of art that I have already listed for sale. It is a mid-century modern piece



and then I found this girl. I am not a doll fan but I fell in love with her and she is now on the bed in my girl cave. I have called her Little Wu after my dancing niece. She used to do Irish dancing when she was younger.


Last night we went to a Hawaiian restaurant for dinner last night. We have noticed it for years in downtown San Carlos. Not in a hurry to go back, that is for sure. They seated us and promptly forgot us for another 25 minutes. I noticed that I was irrationally very pissy about it. That is what I mean about angered feelings. The food was ok possibly just mehh…. in my opinion. The Shaka chicken was delicious but the color is very off-putting along with the flies hovering in multitudes behind us. Yuck. This is my dinner before I started eating and after I was done. Look closely ok…LOL. I thought there was too much food on the plates


I have had a focused weekend putting things online and upcycling old shit. I even squeezed in my second to last math test. I only got a 78 but it takes my final grade so far from 97 to 95 so who cares…certainly not me.

I am also trying to figure out how to make die cut and kiss cut stickers with my Cricut machine. Still, have not got that one figured out. I can do the cutouts like the one on the bottle above but I cannot seem to really get small journal and planner stickers correct. That is my goal for this week along with working on the fabric competition designs for the Spoonflower contests

I am feeling so angry and bitchy again. Darn it. I guess it is a natural progression from sadness. It sucks I will tell you that much. I saw my Dr yesterday about my medication and she said it is normal. Time to see “Not Jean” tomorrow. I made it the new schedule of two weeks between visits. It will be good to hash out a few things but I survived and I coped. Now if I could just get a handle on the nothingness and figure out how to turn it into “somethingness”(not really a word…I know).

I am keeping up the decluttering and clearing out my clothing and selling or donating things that I have never worn. I like the house when it is organized and tidy,

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  1. Elaine says:

    Beautiful. Clever lady.


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