Funky and feeling like Crap


I woke up with my stupid hip causing havoc again this morning and that same inflammation flowing through my body. It will not let up and I cannot fathom what is causing it. My hip normally lets up with a lidocaine patch but it was hurting through a patch and Advil.

One of the ladies that cleans for us had a nasty car accident so I went to buy her a gift and I needed chai pods for the Keurig. I also had to stop off at Whole Foods to buy the small variety of foods that keep me safe and uninflamed….is that even a word. So I will be reigning in the variety for the next week and stick to the bare basics again to try and get rid of this annoyance. It is cramping my style and ruining my mood. For the rest of the day, I spent working on a few auction listings and not much else. I feel physically a little shittastic.  I decided not to go to yoga because my body is too painful and if I got on the floor I might have stayed on the floor.

Oh, I did forget that I did get an entry into one of the upcoming Spoonflower contests. This below is my take on a Shibori Japanese pattern. It is a seamless repeat but a little hard to see just like this. Shiburiresume

I am about to start on the next one this evening but I just had a shower in the middle of writing this and I think I am ready to crash. I most likely end this soon.


Tomorrow I have the eye doctor. Thank God. My eyes keep on changing and now the bifocals are no longer ideal and I find myself taking them off all the time so that I can read…like a real old fart. I also want to organize all of the little items that  I have for sale on the various sites. I do not want this getting out of control. I want to remain organized and put most of it in the garage but organized so if an item is sold it is easy to pack up and ship. I have no great ambitions for this and it is probably just a fleeting interest between designs. Something to keep me sane and busy, I guess I still need to process things so I better not keep myself too busy.

I got this tax bill for my little business because it is in Redwood City. They wanted more than I made in taxes because I had not registered for a permit. Seriously. Luckily I made less than the amount required to register. So I had to call and sort it out so I hope that it is all taken care of and they can try again when I actually make some cash. Right now just a cute little hobby to while away the hours.

Oh well, let me just end this here. I had some good news today but it will have to wait for later. Shhhhhhh. Good night. Sleep tight.

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