Math Finally Done


The weekend has come and gone. I did not get to yoga in the past week but I hope to get there this week. I have walked twice in the past 3 days. I have had to ice my hip and use the lidocaine patches to relieve the pain. Not sure why it is playing up again. I did go to the Southbay on Friday and got to have breakfast with Nana, Papa and my youngest niece…love that girlie. The rest of the day was a good visit with my sister and her girls…love those girlies too. Missing my guy very much. It is great to see him in photos on the photostream out in the sun having fun with friends in  Central Park.

I am so lost again. I wish I knew what to do to make this better. I just told my lovie how I feel and he reminded me that I just finished my math semester 6 weeks early and with an A…yeah, I guess that is ok but that is just a means to an end….the end being my degree. Ready to face another week of???????? I am supposed to have a meeting with a counselor at school on Tuesday morning but I want to change it to a PM appointment because I forgot that school is still in session so parking will be a huge pain. I need to confirm that I have just one math class and one science class to go before I am done with my degree. I want to find out about getting a pass on the PE units. The PE classes are designed for 18-year-olds, not 50-year-olds. I am hoping my doctor can sign me off on this requirement. I can only try I guess. It would be great to be done with my degree but at the end of summer.

This Monday is a  not ” Not Jean” week. Not sure if this is a good thing this week but I will try and run with it. The anxiety monster has been tamed over the past 3 weeks but he has been rearing its ugly head and my nothingness is not lessening. I am just Meh.

Lovie and I did go on a nice dinner date. I saved most of my calories for the evening and I had about 650 to play with but I ended up using about 1200 that put me at close to 1800 for the day. YIKES! but the food was delicious. The dessert was also excellent. We came home and actually watched a movie together. We watched “Crazy Rich Asians”. It was not as funny as I thought it would be but it was light enough for a Saturday night.

Enjoy your week. Happy Monday.

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