Thrown away

IMG_0798 2Recently I posted a picture of a Mid Century Modern piece of art that I found at Goodwill for four dollars. I sold it this week for $40. I feel like I rescued someone’s handwork from being destroyed. Then I found 15 lithographs of children all over the world drawn by the same artist over a span of 40 years. I just took all of them. I ended up paying 70c a piece Not sure what I am doing with them but they are no longer disrespected. Then yesterday trying to cope with emotions after a visit to Not Jean I went ahead and stopped off at the Goodwill and found the art piece below. It is signed and the matte is embossed with the Author’s name. I did some research and the artist lives here in the Bay Area. I found a lot about his work but this particular piece is proving to be elusive so I plucked up the courage to email him to ask him about the piece. I am very keen to find out more. I also do not know if I will keep it or sell it. I am still trying to decide. Marbles are an interesting subject seeing as I spend half my life feeling like I am losing mine. It is sad to see someone’s life’s work being disregarded and not respected. But I guess that is how the cookie crumbles.


The boy is home…or should I say here in the Bay Area for a few days. He is not staying here but with his living his best life. To be young and in love. He is going back to NY tomorrow. Hopefully, he is coming over for dinner tonight. I will be honest that I have not been coping very well lately and I cannot even verbalize how I feel. I even feel like I was having an issue with not Jean yesterday. I had just left the coffee shop after spending time with the boy and so my feelings were all discombobulated. I was struggling so much on Saturday with angry sadness that I was so close to calling her. Not sure what she could have done but I was desperate. To be honest I could do with an appointment next week but I am only scheduled to see her in two weeks. I will just have to try hard to keep my head above water. It is not helping that my body has this stupid inflammatory response to something or other again. It is raging through my body. This has happened about 3 times in the past 3 weeks. I need to reign myself in and only eat what I know is safe. This is not contributing to my mood.
I went to see the counselor at college to find out what I have left to do to finish my degree. The good news is that I have a math class and a science class and I am done. I am able to choose my next math class and I do not have to do the intermediate algebra..thank God. I am going to do statistics and oceanography. Hopefully, it will get done this summer so I will most likely be ready to graduate by the end of summer.   I have an appointment on Friday to see my GP so that I can get a doctor to excuse to get out of doing the PE requirement. I am 52 and I do not have the stamina to do exercises that are designed for 18-year-olds.

Very proud of lovie. He has another patent under his belt. Great job. I had to share this picture even though I did blank out his information on request. This afternoon I off to do some sort of usability study somewhere that I cannot name…sorry. Hate them but what the heck got nothing else to do. Catch you later.

Oh shit, I forgot to mention Easter. We did not tell anyone that the boy was coming into town and his cousin discovered that he was in town but we managed to keep it a secret from nana.

patentforblogIMG_0803 2 copy.jpg

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