Almost at the finish line and then where do I go?

IMG_3089I am in love with this photo I took this evening. This double rose looks like a heart with two whorls inside. So beautiful and they all smelled so good when I went walking this evening. I finally got my fat lazy ass out there for a walk. I have been meaning to get out there for days. I have also been meaning to write this blog for about a week. I took the boy’s camera out on my walk this evening. I woke up this morning with a optical migraine. Thank goodness as it does most times it did not develop into a full blown migraine. I went to bed way to late last night. I got caught up in a live feed on youtube and I wanted to see where it would end up. There was a strange woman calling into this channel called Mommy Ramblings. Well, I could have stayed in bed all day. I, however, decided I needed to get up and go and run my planned errands. I wanted to drop off paperwork at school for my graduation requirements. Then I dropped off an item that I had to ship. Stopped off at the Office Depot for printer ink and on a whim, I treated myself to a fountain pen. I have always loved stationery and at school, I always had a fountain pen. I have not owned one in years so I was excited to get a good brand at a very reasonable price. I just inserted the ink and tried it out…magical…yeah I know I am a dork.  Then I stopped at the grocery store and then home. I made a goal of giving my phone a 30-minute charge and then I set off on a slow walk and I took the camera along for the walk. This is why I have a few new photos. I am pooped. I need to get more effective sleep. I am still having so many sleep issues.

My new pen and my first two sticker designs. I am using the name Strawberry Monkey for the stickers.

I am still going to restorative yoga class every week. Sometimes I go twice a week. It does help. I suck at yoga and I never seem to improve but who cares it helps me relax. I have been working on a line of planner stickers that the young girls seem to be obsessed with at the moment. I have 6 different planner designs up on Etsy. I will keep designing as it keeps me busy. I have been going to the goodwill stores to calm my nerves. I walk around to distract myself. I spend about $10 a visit…a cheap way to get your shopping lust out of your system. I have been putting the items up on Ebay and Mercari as I mentioned before and the items are moving. I have also been doing a spring clean in my closets. This house will be clean and lean while I try and discover who I am and what I want to do with the next chapter. A huge dilemma at the moment. Some days it really gets me down because I have to be honest that I am very confused. I am only seeing not Jean every second week and sometimes that is still hard to cope with. Oh well, I just have to keep on plodding along. Hope you are having a good week. I will write soon..hopefully.



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