Don’t go breaking my heart

A photo booth picture at the very overcrowded welcome reception

Yesterday we moved the boy into his dorm yesterday morning. We found out that he was one of only 5 kids moving into that particular dorm. We pulled up in our Uber and unloaded everything and about 3 hours later everything was unpacked organized and ready for him to live his college life. The dorm is way better than we expected. It smells fresh and clean and the carpets are spotless not what I expected at all. The room is spacious with wooden floors and a big bright window. I hope that his roommate will be a good match for him. The roommate arrives back at school on Saturday. Today we barely saw him as he had various welcome activities and he even got to go to the Whitney and see some Warhol. We should be doing something like that but we are both out of mental energy. His dad and I slept late, had brunch, walked back to the hotel and spent the vast amount of the afternoon on the bed resting and dozing. It was pouring with rain outside. We set off for dinner at a super place called Momofuku…delicious. Our kind of place. Endive and beet salad was excellent.

Both of us are so heartsore. Tomorrow night we are dreading goodbye. I am going to miss the constant shower singing and music being composed up above the family room. I am in such denial. His dad is showing more emotion than I am right now. I have managed to shove it so far deep inside that I am trying to ignore it right now. I did not want to call Nana and I do not want to even think about talking to Not Jean about this on Monday because well basically I do not want to deal with the complex feelings of sadness. I do not want to think about it. I do not want to feel it. So far I have not even been eating it but I have actually lost my appetite so it was good that I enjoyed the endive salad tonight.

I anticipated making this more interesting but to be honest I am just not into it right now. I need time to process this new life adjustment. I still think it sucks but I know it has to be. Maybe I will be in more of a mood to write later.


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