Back in the groove and yes I am still alive

IQX6X5wWS3arGsHb8lsAcgSo I finally have been in the mood to actually sit down and type this blog. In general, my mood is so much better and holding its own. I am on half my medication and since it was reduced I have been using CBD oil every night. I am wondering if that is making a difference. The mood is a little better but the food obsessions are still a daily battle. I am trying to lose some weight and it has been edging down again. I am working hard with not Jean on the food issues. The bain of my existence. I have even been going to all of my classes which is always a good sign. The oddity is that I am talking to people outside of my home and family. I found myself chatting with strangers in stores more than once in the past two weeks. Who am I am where did this one come from?

The school work is going well and I am way ahead again on the math and the oceanography lab is enjoyable even if the youngest person at my table is 15…I kid you not. I am also enjoying the architecture drawing class that I did for fun. I am not putting my heart and soul into it but I am enjoying it for its entertainment value. The advanced Photoshop class that I need for my graphic design class is a little tedious but I will just have to get through it.

These are some of my vintage glass finds in the past three months. My first piece of Vaseline glass that glows in the dark. I am still listing little things on eBay etc. I am selling about 3-4 items a week on a good week. It does not bring in mountains of cash but I do it for something fun to do. I am mailing four items tomorrow. The cash is not the motivation it is about learning all about all the vintage items. I have learned so much lately. OMG ..I almost forgot to share this beautiful quilt that I found. It is an art quilt with a geisha theme. I paid $12 for it. I am still not sure what I will be doing with it. 70335763_10157663181337422_501894424918228992_n

I subscribe to this great magazine called Uppercase. I submitted my information and the cushion designs and today I was one of the features in her “All about you “email. It was so exciting as it shows my cushions and it has a link to my resume. I am actually looking forward to graduating in December so that I can take 2020 as my year to get the business up and flying. I have to work on keeping my anxiety and panic at bay so that I can get this going. I need to build my mental strength. I do need to be getting more exercise. My back has been giving me serious issues. I have called the MRI office and hopefully, I will be getting an MRI soon. The spasms are out of control sometimes. Last night I attended a two-hour restorative yoga event run by my restorative teacher from my regular class. It was amazing. I was sorry it was over. My back did spazz out but I love healing bowls and the sounds are so soothing.

The boy is doing ok. He had me a little freaked out again. He was alone in Manhattan for two weeks and not sure what happened but I think he was lonely and panicky because he called to tell me that he had a funky head and he was so freaked out he went to the urgent care. I think he just had a panic attack. It seemed like it cleared up after his friends and roomies arrived back in NYC. This weekend he woke me up on Saturday at 4am with an “accidental ” call because he had a migraine. I honestly think that Manhattan is not good for his health and allergies. I still get very freaked out when he gets sick. It is stressful for me to deal with it. He seems to be doing ok. I am not sure if I shared this but he did a scriptwriting class with grad students and he got an A in the class. I was pretty impressed. Not bad for a freshman.

Mr. Shaggy has so much hair. Thank goodness he finally went to have a hair cut. I am so happy.


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