It’s the final countdown

fullsizeoutput_6e0a I am sitting here in class in advanced digital imaging. I am in the final stretch. I have ended up with four classes for this semester. Two are required for the degree…ie The algebra and Oceanography lab. I am also doing a class in architectural drawing so I can explore the idea of moving onto another degree in Architecture assisting….draftsperson I guess. I am fully back into the swing of it. The math is a challenge but luckily I live with my biggest cheerleader and tutor. He will help drag me across the finish line.

I have been tussling with the change of blood pressure medications. Initially, they were not working as it was not a big enough dosage and now it seems to be settling down after the adjustment. The Doctor has halved the dosage of my anxiety medication with an eye on changing it. I am not sure what I think of the idea.  I have been feeling oddly more alert since the dosage was halved and I am feeling pretty nice. On Tuesday I went to yoga and it was the best restorative class ever. I felt so nice afterward. The instructor is so lovely. Not Jean was light this week..sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you dont…what can I say. fullsizeoutput_6e19

My cushions for the family room have arrived. I am so thrilled with the finished product. The colors are so vibrant. I am so happy. It is about time I started using my own items in the house. I have some ideas for other rooms. My bedroom needs fresh pillow covers and art above the bed. I will get to that if the math does not swallow me altogether. Yikes. I feel so dumb. I keep trying to remind myself that I am almost there. I should have all my credits in December for the Digital Arts and Animation degree. The animation part is hilarious…I hate doing animation but the degree is in all the subjects that I have completed so that is what it will be. I am more about the design aspect of computing. You might have noticed.


The boy seems to be fine. He is all settled into his new home and he has actually taken a bus with a pal to DC to visit the third wheel of the three stooge brigade. He has really found some nice guys to hang out with at school. The boy they are visiting is his new roommate. He has one more week of vacation time and then he starts his second year of college. It is so odd because he only started in January. I hope that the two new guys in his suite round off the group successfully. I am used to him being gone now but somedays my heart still aches to just squeeze him and smell him…do not weird out. I think I have said it before. There is nothing better than the smell of your child. It is primal ok. zVujpA0hQiW0zyCGrMNRmw

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