Driving Mr. Billy and Maxie on Broadway


I had a really rough week last week. As you could tell from my blogs I have been really struggling with anxiety. Lovie agreed to take a short road trip so that we could just have a change of scenery. We had to choose a fairly close radius because we were only going for one night. So we left at around 10:30am on Saturday. OMG..the traffic is a nightmare. We decided to head south. The primary reason was to get away but also to start looking at new places to live as we get older. We headed to Cambria which was 3 1/2 hours away. Lord that traffic. We stopped off in a little farming town of Salinas for a lunch and then by the time we got to the motel it was 5:30pm. A whole day to get there. Then when we get there it was freezing and foggy. We dumped the luggage and went for a walk on the boardwalk as I had hoped. We then found a nice place to have dinner and got a little dressed up and headed over to dinner.szcACQJ+Sw+vTvxUhlHO4A

The following morning we got up, packed up and headed out to breakfast. We had yummy gluten-free blue corn waffles and then dropped off the key and headed home…Not exactly thrilling and a long way to go for dinner and breakfast and a quick walk on the beach. In a few weeks, we want to head North to another town to see another place in California that might be good for retiring.

Last night boy text me to tell me he had been given 24 hours notice to move to his second-year dorms. He did an amazing job. He packed up everything and with the help of one of his best friends and new roommate they helped each other trek over to the new dorm with all of their belongings. He would have had to push all his worldly belongings down Broadway to get to his new digs. He surprised me at how organized he was and he is already unpacked and settled and one of their friends came over and made them Filipino soup for dinner. Really great boys.

Tomorrow I start my fall semester at school. I am going to be doing an architectural drawing class, intermediate algebra and hopefully, I will get off the waiting list for the oceanography lab. The Architectural drawing class is at a different canvas in the San Mateo college group. Also, the oceanography is in the new stem building. I sure hope they have space for me so I can get this degree done by December. I have been having my sleeping anxiety issues so I hope I can get a good night sleep tonight. My mood is so uneven that it makes me nervous. I am on a higher dose of my BP medication. It is still making my mood a little black. It is however also taking away my appetite and I am down about 7 lb now in two weeks. I guess that should make me perk up. That is all for now. I will let you know how it goes at school on the next two days.



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