So proud!

CHbaFUyPSXSNRr%UiKUpswWe had our weekly chat with Mr. New York and he filled us in our his class that he is attending. He is doing this three-week intense scriptwriting class. He is the youngest person in the class, the only freshman. Most of his class mates seem to be grad students. He had to read his rough draft and the professor was super impressed and suggested that he make the short film. Some fellow students asked if he was in Tisch..and a few suggested he should transfer. I am so proud of him. That is a feather in his cap. I knew that his writing chops would show up in his favor. The kid is so talented when it comes to writing.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I am still not getting this exercise thing going again. I went to Costco…almost turned on a red light because my brain is fried. I did not buy very much. You cannot make full use of Costco for two people. The rest of the day was a wash. Nothing accomplished. Mood meh. Now that Lovie is home I worked on a few craft ideas. Oh while I was out I found more vinyl for the Cricut. The price was too good to resist….mmm not only do I have a paper obsession I have a Cricut vinyl obsession and a big mental block on being creative. Too many possibilities. fullsizeoutput_6c5cI was told about this ED support group in a nearby town. I am not sure if I am that kind of being but it is tomorrow night and I have super angst about deciding whether to go or not. The food obsessions can drive a woman loopy sometimes. I really have to think about this long and hard.

Thanks to all of the new people visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. This is very therapeutic for me. Thanks for the support.

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