Trying to keep it calm

A beautiful art glass vase I found at Goodwill.

Yesterday was a pretty intense time at “Not Jean.”I left there ragged and I am struggling to dig myself out. I tried to stay quiet this morning. Chilling out and doing a few things on the internet. I spent last night drawing a new intricate design just to keep my brain occupied. I am supposed to keep track of my BP this week because of the new meds. My machine is all over so I nipped out to Walgreens to get a new machine and I figured I might as well get a few things at Trader Joes for dinner for the next few days. On a whim, I pulled into Ross on the way over. Anything to kill 5 min I guess. I had just walked in and I hear this announcement. Will the owner of the silver Lexus please come to the front as someone has hit your car. So I rush to the front and sure enough, the security girl points to my car and tells me an old lady had backed right into the car and made my car rock. She had a partial number and the make and model. I went outside with my stomach in knots. I knew I should have just stayed home. I did not need this today. Thank God I went over and there was not any sign of damage at all. I am so happy.
Last night I asked lovie if we could just take off somewhere for a weekend. I did not care where I just want to go away. So I spent the day looking for a place to visit. I took a three-hour drive radius on the map and looks at different options north and south of San Francisco. We are driving south on Saturday morning and I booked a hotel room on the beachfront. I hope this will help me feel less defeated. We both love being at the oceanside67982000_934036636930763_4769192489330409472_n

Sorry that I cannot offer anything else exciting but such is life I guess. I have signed up for a Christmas fair so as I start making items for the fair I will share the products as I start accumulating them.

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