Here today, gone tomorrow

a0x8J+ebTT+6sJdL8FeCXgHow long has it been since I have written a blog? It has to be at least a month. Time just seems to run away sometimes. My childhood friend who now lives in Australia with her family arrived two weeks ago for a whirlwind visit. In the blink of an eye, they were gone again. It was so wonderful to see her and her husband again. They last visited 10 years ago. It is so funny how sometimes we can get so caught up in the details that we do not realize just how special a visit like this can be. I was excited to see them but my brain was so occupied with trying to make everything perfect that I did not expect the emotions that came with her visit and fast departure. It is always astonishing to me how someone that you have known a long time can come to visit after a long absence and yet the years just seem to roll away and very quickly it is like they have never been away from you. We had a family get together with the rest of the family and it was like extended family members had shown up for a visit. We have years of catching up to do and I think she has to convince her kids to treat her to a ticket for a girls-only visit. If you are reading this Mich you better talk to those kiddos. On the last day of our visit we found out that our other friend from school was critically ill in England. It was a little bit of a kick in the butt as it seemed pretty serious. Thank God they operated and I think her recovery will be rough but she has been commenting on facebook. We hope and pray that she is on the mend very soon. It made the emotions more intense for me. I tend to be blank and shut down on the outside but inside I am swirling with emotions.fullsizeoutput_70be

School is going well. I am on track to actually graduate at the end of this semester. Amazing to think that what started out as an idea to just learn to sew at the local college has led me to this place.


Food is an issue again at the moment. I get super tired of fighting with it every day. I sometimes feel like it is two steps forward and one step back. However, I can do nothing but slog on. I have been having so many back issues as well as sciatica leg pain. Now the freaking insurance company…UNITED HEALTHCARE denied my doctor’s request for an MRI. WTF…now what. I also really wish that doctors would not mess with medications. On top of the back issues, I have been having severe muscle cramps ever since the cardiologist insisted on changing my BP meds to include a water tablet. He changed it twice because I have been having severe pain in my legs and really annoying muscle cramping. He insists it is not related…mmmmmm….yeah right. I decided to test my theory this weekend and I skipped the water tablet for two days. Interestingly enough I went from barely being able to walk in the morning to being able to almost bound down the stairs right after waking up. It is so frustrating sometimes. Fix one thing and mess up another. Still seeing Not Jean twice a month. Sometimes I wish it was weekly but at any rate better than nothing. It is still helpful most of the time and especially when the epic food fight is messing with my brain again.

My boy seems to be doing alright at school. He looks and seems happier. He is doing well in school and seems to be enjoying his classes for the most part and he is enjoying spending time with his roommate. They are friends and seem to have a lot in common. My one triumph was to convince him to take a chance and cut his hair in Manhattan. The boy has hair issues…..he does not trust people to do a good job on his hair.


I am still doing the thift store hobby thing. I love going there once a week and I have been selling items on eBay for the old guy I met at Goodwill. I really do have a boring life. This post is pretty short because I do not have that much to say. Happy October…this year has really flown.

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