Happy Birthday Queenie Lanibeth

The Birthday Girl

Today our old girl turned 76. She looks amazing for her age. She was so darn cute today and I know that she really enjoyed her little get together. We all missed the three kids who could not be there. We had some good laughs and it was so nice to spend time with my sisters and parents. We ordered Pizza and I picked up her favorite cake from a local bakery Diandra’s in San Mateo. It is this old school New York Style Italian Bakery. She loves the Mango Cream Cake. It worked out well. Pizza and cake and you have a party. My baby sister had us in stitches recounting a story about her thinking that she was going to be shot on the freeway by a person who was in the BMW behind her and honking and waving. She was terrified when the person pulled up along side of her and waved and rolled down their window.She then thought she was dead for sure. She pulled off the freeway at her exit and the phone pinged and it was my sister LeeAnn who was just trying to wave and say hi. We had a good laugh at that. Old people can still have fun without the kids. We spent a lovely afternoon chatting and having a great visit. Thanks for being the most amazing mother and nana. You are very loved. Happy 76th old girl and may you have many more and you look so darn cute with those glasses and tiara. If I was 76 I would wear the tiara every day.

Love ya.

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