Flowers that I printed and nana constructed with the cricut machine. It looks so cute
Cricut project…I printed it and Nana made it 

So here we go into another week. I was at home with my anxiety and stressful thoughts until my meeting with Not Jean. I am so rattled inside. Have you ever felt so jittery on the inside that you cannot function? I am in one of those zones at the moment. Too anxious to think straight again. I have made a commitment today on my visit to set some goals because I am digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole. I need to get some activities on the go again. I am not sure why I have not been swimming or to yoga apart from being exhausted from the iron infusions. I am missing boy like crazy as his birthday approaches. I know he is fine. I know this is his dream and he has worked hard for that.

I have to make a commitment to start focusing on new things. I am very physically unconditioned. A good place to start I guess would be correcting that slowly but surely. Maybe I should commit to self-reporting by checking in here and documenting my attempts at getting fit again…physically and mentally.

I am almost finished with the third cap for the hematology/oncology infusion department….well actually the 6th as I took in 3 last week.  It weirdly helps to calm me down and on an amusing note, it tricks my apple watch into believing that I have done way more steps than I actually have achieved. LOL…

Oh well…Happy Monday.  I hope you have a productive and happy week. I am certainly trying to commit to doing the same.

An incomplete cap


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