I can see clearly now..well for today at least

Snow on the South and East Bay mountains

Tomorrow is time for my third iron infusion and I have done nothing but sleep since the last infusion and today I woke up with a little bit of my brain function working really well for a small window of time so I decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity and work on the math in my math class. I even completed an extra credit puzzle with a little help from lovie.

It is cold and wild out there today as we have a big storm system moving through. I know that after seeing Not Jean I am supposed to be working on getting out and doing things instead of sitting like I am in God’s waiting room. At 52 I know that I am way to young to be doing that but it is a mental and physical issue. I know I really have to work on it. Tomorrow I have the infusion but I am making a commitment to myself to get up in time on Friday to go to Restorative yoga at least. I should ideally also try and swim but I am normally wiped out after the infusion so I guess I need to back up on the ambitious expectations. Slow and steady wins the race.

IMG_9370I should have 4 knitted caps to take to the hematology clinic tomorrow.  I really hope that the energy starts recovering soon.  Nothing much else to share apart from the fact that yesterday I went to buy my sweets a sweet treat and today I made him a card with my new Cricut toy. I love this thing. Really fun.

We spoke to our boy on facetime yesterday. I am a little more comfortable when I can see that face and that mop of crazy hair. He seems relaxed and happy. He has made friends and found out about shopping for vintage clothing at NY thrift stores. I told him to make sure the cooties do not jump out of the bag and that he needs to wash the clothing before wearing it. Of course, there was a jacket in the mix. That boy and his jackets. He never saw a jacket he did not want to own… his jacket obsession only second to his shoe succession.

Happy Humpday. Stay dry and warm.

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