Get your motor running…I hope it happens soon

Valentine card for the lovie made with the Cricut Maker

Firstly, Happy Belated Valentines Day. We just stayed home last night because you know….We are getting old and we have been married for almost 19 years. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night. Below are the beautiful roses that lovie brought home. I always had a tradition on getting him See’s candy for Valentine’s day but I have not done it in a while but this year I went out and bought him a pound of what I remember to be his favorites and a raspberry, chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles in Palo Alto.

IMG_9401Yesterday I went to Palo Alto to have my third motor oil treatment…just kidding I went to get my third iron infusion out of five. Look at the picture down below and you will see why I call it an oil change. The nurse that I have had for the past two infusions is amazing. She basically made it painless. The last two weeks are the most comfortable infusions that I have had. You learn something every day. When the nurse pulled the line out of my arm I noticed that there is no needle. It is actually a very thin flexible catheter that they use for IV treatments. The needle pokes the hole and once the catheter is in place the needle is pulled out. Fascinating. Last week it knocked me off my feet for almost 4 days. All I wanted to do was sleep. Well, I am drooping again this afternoon. It does not seem as bad as last week. I did make it to Restorative yoga at the local JCC. The act of lugging all my props across the parking lot and then relaxing for 90 min and then lugging my props back to the car has wiped out my energy again. The old ladies are entertaining to listen to….literally. The one next to me farted out loud and occasionally they will fall asleep and snore. It made me smile. There by the grace of God go I ….in 30 years. I also went to pick up Max’s last paycheck from the coffee shop and when I walked in this girl that knew who I was exclaimed…”it’s Max’s mom” and they all started going crazy…asking me all kinds of questions and all about his welfare and chiming in that they love him and miss him. That guy makes friends wherever he goes. I wish I was that capable. There is something to be said about the self-science program in elementary school and high school theater. It warmed my heart to know that they also miss him.


Now I am home for the afternoon. I went to the butcher(or as Max used to call it…the meatery) at Stanford Shopping Center yesterday when I went to get Lovie a cupcake and I bought the smallest piece of Fred’s blackened steak to make for dinner. It was supposed to be last night but I might do it tonight or save it for Sunday dinner. It is just of him because I am allergic to beef and not in the mood to have all of my joints throbbing for days. Now you know the partial reason for the iron deficiency anemia.

I am now going to go and sit down and watch “My 600-pound life” or as I like to call it…”A cautionary tale” I use it to keep me in check. Snuggly and warm against this crazy wild weather. It has been storming for days. Have a super weekend and stay warm.

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