Happy Birthday 2567 miles away


Yeah Yeah Yeah! I know I am not supposed to look at “where is my iPhone” but Happy Birthday to my sweet boy. Behave and have fun. We love you very much.

This is the first time we have been away from him on his birthday. I am sure he is fine but my heart is aching this morning. I miss him so much. It is weird that my anxiety has not been so bad in the past few days but this evening I just got out of bed so that I could come and sit in “my office” to write this blog. My anxiety is pounding in my throat again tonight. I skipped the medication tonight but I might need to take a trip downstairs to take something. I hope I get to sleep before 3 am tonight. It just makes me drag during the day.

Lovie and I went out to dinner this evening at a super place in Burlingame called Farm and Vine. Very nice. I saved most of my calories for tonight but I am still over for the day. I think that is also playing into my angst. I am desperately trying to get the weight moving in the right direction. Below some food porn for you.


I am spending my days trying to keep my brain occupied. I have been trying out different paper projects. The assembly takes a little practice but these projects below were really cute. I am also trying to keep myself busy with school work. I am scared to moving backward if I let the angst get the better of me. It rules my life as it is. My plan for tomorrow is to start working on the first of four surface designs for competitions on spoonflower.com. I have not entered in the past few months.

So I will say goodnight…even though I know that I am not near sleep and it is almost 2am. The insomnia is a bitch. Happy Sunday.

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