The long awaited visit.

It is amazing how you look forward to something for months and months and, then the much-anticipated event is in the rearview mirror. I was looking forward to a visit from Nana and Papa and, here we are, and they have come and gone already. It was lovely to see them after nine months. We were thrilled to spend time showing them around the Treasure Valley.

Lovie decided he was going to try making a brisket on the BBQ. He let it steep in its marinade overnight and then cook for 8 hours. Although I have a beef, allergy It was delicious. It was an excellent first try.

The heatwave had been relentless and, it dominated the first three days of the trip. Thank goodness that oppressive heat broke, and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful warm air on our patio. Nana, Papa, and I all took a nap out there on one of the days.
Lovie and I have not done much sightseeing since we arrived, so there were places that we also saw for the first time. I have only been to Boise twice to go shopping at Whole Foods. Lovie has only been to close a financial account. We took the old folks to see the Capitol building on one of the hottest days. I think it was 103 while we walked around the grounds. It was pretty and the flowers stunning. We bailed after a short stroll. Papa could not resist a ring of the replica bell in front of the capitol. We also took a scenic drive to Black Canyon Dam. It was a stunning drive taking in the different landscapes. We got out and enjoyed the scenery at the dam. We stopped at a place called Volcanic farms for a peach pie. The farm stall was not that impressive, but the pie was good. On the drive home, it was time for lunch. We found a local place to eat. Because of Covid, we decided to brave the heat under an umbrella outside. It was 101, but we survived.

I have wanted to visit a nearby lavender farm. I waited so that I could share it with nana. There were some issues with our visit, but it was worth it as it was so close. They have too many dogs around, which made it dangerous for my parents as the dogs were underfoot. I understand that it is a working farm, but the dogs were the most annoying hyper dogs. The owner’s flower and veggie gardens were still in full bloom, but the lavender fields were empty. The owners seem a little spiky, but I would like to return when the lavender is flowering. I know that there is a local woman who arranges a painting afternoon at the farm. I want to try and experience that next year.
We realized that we are only about a 44-mile drive to Oregon. We took a drive to see the scenery. We first stopped in a tragic place called Payette. The town was so sad. The trip there was beautiful and a sharp contrast to the very sad downtown of Payette here in Idaho. We walked down the deserted main street for a few minutes, and then we drove onto Ontario. It was very seedy and littered with pot shops, including a drive-through-pot place. It looked sad and pathetic. Ontario is another blue state town ruined by liberals. The drive was still worth it and enjoyable. We were home by lunch. Covid limits where you can eat when you are out.

The highlight of the trip was to a winery near our home. We have been there before with the boy, and it was lovely sitting outside and enjoying the relaxing time and good company.
Papa enjoyed his morning walks around the neighborhood and along the canal. It is a lovely place to walk. They both had a chance to sleep and rest without the stress of work. It was lovely having them visit.

My vegetable garden has been growing and growing and growing. The tomato plants have run wild. I have a tangled mess of tomato trees that have all intertwined themselves, and it now looks like a massive bush that grows different tomatoes. The zucchini grow like crazy. My largest fruit has been two pounds. The problem with all of the zucchini is figuring out what to make with it. It is never-ending. I have made zucchini bread and lasagna and put them in curry, and I still have too much. I used basil, tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini in the curry. It feels good to use the food you harvest. It is barely a little patch, but it knows how to produce.

I will know what I am doing next year. I can plan it better, but this has been a great learning experience.

Sadly, after their return to California, my mama got the news that one of her brothers in South Africa had passed away in his sleep. We think that he was three years older than mom. Rest in Peace, Uncle Denny. Mom and Dad were tested for Covid on their return to California and thank goodness they tested negative.

I have a lot to say about the imbecile criminal Jihad Joe and what he has done in Afghanistan but let us save it for another day. Time for court martial.

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