Hot, hot, and hot.

Saturday Lunch

Wow! This heatwave has not let up. We are in about the 6th week of constant high temperatures of over 90. Most days have averaged 95-100, with the cool down only happening at 11 pm every evening. The heat is dry, but it is wearing on my last nerve as it is just too oppressive to go for a walk or even sit outside on the covered patio. I have been trying to keep to my commitment to working on designs daily. I have created four new fabric designs in the past two weeks and entered three fabric contests on I sometimes have this deflated feeling that this is all futile. I guess if it keeps me busy, it has served a purpose.

Nocturnal Animal fabric.

The guest room is almost ready for nana and papa’s first visit in two weeks. I will post a picture once it is 100% completed. The housing projects are winding down. All I need is the darn coffee table that is taking forever to arrive. The supply chains are unreliable since the virus. It seems as if the food chains are already showing straining in some places around the world. I saw a video that showed South Africans standing in line to buy limited groceries. I also read an article about empty shelves in England. Yet, we have American whiners, aka Olympic athletes embarrassing us on the world stage. The prima donnas are disgusting. Since when is quitting a redeeming virtue. Give me a break. She is pathetic and not a hero. I am glad Russia took the medal. Why would I support a US team that whines and disrespects and hates representing the USA? The same goes for that pathetic women’s soccer player. Again, disrespect for the US does not impress me, and I will not support you. Congrats to Sweden for kicking their butts.
I am weirdly exhausted today. So odd. I am busy sipping a cold brew to wake up before my appointment with Not Jean.

That crazy little vegetable garden of mine is still chugging along. The peppers are starting to blossom and grow into fruit. I have four zucchini in the refrigerator waiting to become zucchini bread. I seem to harvest at least one zucchini every day. I found an eggplant blossom, and I am sure we will soon have a fruit. The peppers are growing like weeds. I am sure we can start using them soon. I could never anticipate just how fulfilling this little garden could be.
I have a hankering to do something different tomorrow. I have wanted to go and walk around a vintage market. I have found locations scattered around. I am not looking for anything in particular, but I need an escape for a few hours. The craft stores also sound appealing, but there is absolutely nothing that I need.

I have been asking around if anyone knows of a non-profit that might need computer work or a newsletter created. I have to do something to try and quell the anxiety. I am gagging in distress. Anxiety is a real bitch.
The kiddo seems to be doing ok in NYC. The safety aspect is very worrying, but I realize that he is an adult. I cannot make him come home. Manhattan, like most other shit holes run by liberals, is a cesspool of violence and decay. Quick let us defund the cops and call the social workers.

Beginning of rant.Who can make sense of the clown show flavor of the day with regards to Covid? Fauci and his flip-flopping bullshit are infuriating. I know I am constantly trying to understand the logic of leftist nut bags like Nancy Pelosi and her Cabal. I found their kangaroo court regarding the so-called incursion into the Capitol is a joke. Pelosi orchestrated the 6th. Gitmo is where she belongs. When are we going to see that bitch in an orange jumpsuit? That idiot at 1600 is also a joke. There is no way in hell that senile moron won in November. He is growing more senile by the day. He makes absolutely no sense when asked simple questions. ( I needed to get this off my chest.)End rant.
Well, this is about as thrilling as my life gets at the moment. Stay safe.

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