Hooray for the red, white and blue.

The lavender bench in our garden.

It is always weird when I read my old blogs. Sometimes I appear to be very passionate about some things. The amusing thing is that presently I might not feel as committed to certain things in my blog. I find it amusing.

Let me start by saying that the weather has been insane. We are entering the third week of triple-digit relentless heat. The forecast for the next ten days is another marathon of triple-digit temperatures.

I am committed to keeping up with my designs to hone in on my abilities again. I am working on making it a daily ritual to spend a little time on it. I cannot focus on one thing and, I am just going on the daily creative whim. Not Jean suggested that maybe I could benefit if I treated it like a real job and concentrated on it every day. I have been busy entering the fabric design contests on Spoonflower.com.

The garden is bringing me joy.I have harvested snap peas, tomatoes, lettuce, and one strawberry.

My health is stressing me out. I have elevated liver enzymes. I have stopped all medication that could cause is elevation but, my numbers have jumped again. I know that I have a familial fatty liver that can elevate enzymes. However, the latest jump has stressed me out as I have stopped taking all of the offending medications. My anxious personality cannot stop fixating on the numbers. I am concerned that the Covid vaccine has elicited an autoimmune response from my crazy body. I am not sure where to go from here. My doctor has given me a recipe for a liver cleansing smoothie. It tastes fine, but my sensitive stomach is unable to cope with it every day. I will keep it up as much as possible. It is a reason to scrap all of the processed food. I do not eat very many processed foods and, a hot dog can give me days of inflammation. It has caused an autoimmune response from hell. It is just not worth the trouble. I am going to start working on the diet again. The total covid damage is 35lb. The walking will have to wait until this heat dome lifts. Walking in a wig in triple-digit weather is a non-starter. I have had some dental work postponed by my dentist but, now I have broken another tooth. I have to have this repaired this week. My teeth are in such bad shape. Not sure if it is age, diet, health, or a combo.

The house is coming along. I am still waiting for the coffee table. This week I am going to purchase the guest room beds and bedding. Nana and Papa will be here in just over a month and want it ready for them. My next chore is to organize the pantry. I have arranged my office and barcoded the boxes and, I do not have to open them to see what is inside them.

I will skip the politics and ranting in this entry. I am just staying clear of news from the broken hood ornament at 1600. The less I see, the saner I remain. This administration is a clown show.
The boy settled in his little life in NYC. He starts in-person lectures in the fall again. I hope NYU knows what they are doing. He has begun a summer job this week. He is slinging BBQ at a BBQ equivalent of Chipotle. The bonus for me is that it is a four-minute walk from home. NYC is still not very safe. I am relieved he is not taking a subway to a job. I guess you have to be young to understand the allure of a shithole like NYC. I was young once…lol. I left Durban, South Africa, for the dream of living in California.

I almost forgot to mention the mind-blowing fireworks display we watched on the 4th of July. There were numerous displays visible from our second-floor balcony. The best show was two streets away. I have never experienced a fireworks display of that magnitude. Fireworks in a red state are something to behold. The show lasted a solid 90 minutes of non-stop fireworks lighting up the sky. That is only the one show we concentrated on, and there were about five more in our line of sight.
Masks are now a real thing of the past here in Idaho. I am not sure if I am comfortable with it, but acceptance is vital for sanity.
Stay well. Stay sane and if you are in Idaho, stay frosty.

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