and it goes on and on and on…well sort of.

Here we are in June 2021 and next week it will be my lovie’s birthday. I know that I have not shared in a while but I am in a very weird place right now. I have been struggling for months. The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. I do not think we’ll ever be the same. As the months have passed our attitudes towards the pandemic and the safety theater that is our life have evolved for sure. In the beginning, we would wipe down all of the groceries and have gloves and masks….sometimes. We then moved onto just one mask and no longer wiping down all the mail and groceries. Bit by bit the extra precautions have fallen away. We are by no means out of the woods but life has been returning to a new normal. The number of victims and survivors is staggering. The most recent update says that 175 000 000 people have contracted Covid and 3 800 000 have died worldwide. This is astonishing and so tragic and people are still dying at alarming rates in some countries. Third-world countries like India are still fighting a tough fight. We are so blessed to live here in the US where the Trump administration rushed through the emergency approval of the vaccine. Even with Fauci using politics to guide him a large swath of people are now vaccinated. It is tragic that the “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate “has become so politically polarizing. About a third of the USA is convinced that this “vaccination” is going to leave us with unexpected consequences down the line but our family decided to bite the bullet and get vaccinated. Everyone in our family has received both our shots and all of us except my sister received Pfizer. We know of only two members that have not received the shots. I just read that they rolled out the vaccines on my birthday and so far 304 000 000 people have had at least one vaccine and 140 000 000 are fully vaccinated and people are starting to go out without masks. The supermarkets now have a lot of staff and customers that are not wearing masks. The political divide is still there with a lot of people that will not get vaccinated and will not wear masks. They are convinced it is a hoax. I feel that we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Fauci lied and people died.Fauci is also on my shit list. That SOB was so hell-bent on sticking it to Trump that he lied repeatedly. The masks work, they don’t. The virus was natural. The virus came from a lab. Hydroxychloroquine does not work but now that Trump is no longer President it is now a viable option. The SOB is evil. Now his epiphany is that there is no way it was natural and it came from a lab. What will his story be next week? My main motivation was that I want to see my family and hug my mom and dad and sisters again soon.

I have a cousin in South Africa who died of Covid and 3 more cousins an aunt and a friend that have all been ill with Covid. Many people have not been vaccinated in South Africa. We are so fortunate to have the freedom to take it or not. In South Africa the vaccines are just not as available as here.

I am sure we can all relate to and remember the terror last March when we all went into shutdown. We thought it would be under control …..six weeks to flatten the curve. We all know how that turned out. I am not sure if I am the only one but it was very scary and stressful but we all stayed home and were very careful and did our part.

We have been in Idaho now for almost 7 months. It is unbelievable how time has flown. Lovie is working from home and I have been decorating the house slowly but surely. I have been taking short drives and venturing out alone to explore a little. The boy went back to college just before his 21st birthday. He is living in a tiny apartment with one of his best pals. He has been taking his classes remotely but the fall semester will be in person. I worry about him daily because the crime is not under control in Manhattan. I honestly do not see the appeal of living in that shithole but Idaho is not a great alternative for you if you are 21. It has taken a lot to let go and realize that he has flown the nest and that he is fully capable of living his best life. He is smart, funny,independent and caring. He is amazing me every day.

The boy came home for a week at the end of May. It was wonderful to have him home again. We took him to a winery that is 10 miles from our home. We got to share a cheese board and a bottle of wine with him for the first time. We also visited a restaurant and ate outside for the first time in a year. It made me very nervous and I am not sure if it was the stress or the greasy food but I ended up with stomach issues for a week. I think the thought of the kiddo leaving again did not do me any favors. He then headed off to the bay area to visit family and friends. He got to spend time with his cousins and saw his nana and papa. My graduation was finally taking place via Youtube so we watched it here in Idaho while on facetime with the family in California. I did not anticipate it making me that emotional. I have not touched my iPad to design for the length of the pandemic. I am have just started trying my hand at designing again.

My weight has ballooned during covid and I have been struggling with obsessing about food. It has been taking its toll on me. I have lost it a few times. That combined with my anger at the constant lying of the government and the stolen election and the blatant evil in Congress. I have also had enough of the leftist woke philosophy and their bullshit and bullying. They are nothing but whining bullies who set out to destroy anyone that does not agree with them. My strategy is to mock them and their clown world. They are a joke. I have also decided to think carefully about where I spend money. I have not signed onto Facebook once in 7 months because they participated in stealing the election. I do not use Twitter and I have seething hate for Adolph Twatler Dorsey(nothing better than human excrement). I also have not spent a penny at Amazon or Kohl’s in the past seven months because Amazon refused to host Parlar on their computers. Coke is racist and tried to indoctrinate their staff with racist rhetoric aka CRT. Well, that is the last time I had Coke. I refuse to support anyone who is racist, homophobic, or bigoted. Go woke and go broke. I now like to make an effort to rather spend my money at local businesses. They deserve the business.

I am finding the loosening of rules and the transition back into our old lives is very stressful for me. There are too many variants in the plan and I do not know what is safe and who to believe. I have been having severe anxiety again and I am struggling have been struggling to sleep again. To round off the worries the election was stolen by an evil group of people and they have saddled us with a racist, senile cabbage that says inappropriate things to little girls. He is a creep. The fool is senile and cannot string a whole sentence together coherently. His wife and that C U Next Tuesday Pelousy should be charged with elder abuse. I think that all of us are trying to put this hellish year behind us and we are all wanting to start afresh. I want to stop being sad and anxious with worry about everyone and everything. I need to keep calm and use humor to mock the Wokle Bullies and remember that they are complete idiots who need to be mocked as they are nothing more than a clown show.

Ok, so that is my rant about the state of the world. Now for a little bit of positive sharing. This is the first time that we have had a garden. The garden is very established but it seems to be completely dormant in winter and then spring arrived. WOW! things grow like crazy here. You can literally watch the grass growing. The existing plants just spring to life and it is magnificent. The garden is blooming with roses and lavender and every day I see something new.The latest discovery is lemon day lillies that are getting ready to bloom. I am having the best time with the little veggie garden in the backyard. The previous owners left us four raised beds and ladder beds. My veggies are thriving and we have already had lettuce and peas from the garden. The sage, mint, cilantro and parsley are also ready to use. I am experimenting with all kinds of different veggies and fruit this year. I need to take notes to see what thrives and what dies. So far the cantelope and pepper seeds are a bust. I replaced them with icebox watermelon, zucchini and eggplant. The strawberries are slow to bloom. I have to admit that I am really enjoying the vegetable garden. I am clueless but so far so good. We are like two old farts with the hose pipe watering them and pulling weeds daily. We have a wonderful gardner who works with his wife. They come and mow and trim every week.It is amazing to be in a place with such distinct seasons. This sounds corny but spring is like a new awakening as everything springs to life. The weirdest for me is the grass that does not grow an inch the whole winter and as spring approaches it goes crazy. The weather has been amazing. It seems to be a little volatile and it can become really windy in a heartbeat but we love having the covered deck. Next time I will add photos of the furnished deck and some of the decorating I have been working on for a while. Everything is not done but we are getting there. I am just waiting for a coffee table for the living room and a few bits of decor and then I can finish off the guest room. Our room is done except for the bed skirt which I keep forgetting to order. The boy’s room will just stay housing his stuff for now. Until he is done with college and settled somewhere. It will always be a place for him to come to….I have designs on turning it into a movie room. It is ideal. I keep meaning to set up the sewing machine up there but I am so preoccupied with other crafts that I forget to get the job done. I am also trying to commit myself to keep up with the blog and work on some sort of design every day. The design thing is a priority. I have to get back into life. This meandering in the dark is not ideal.

In the next blogs I will share more of my creations and the house decorating that has been going on. My lovie says that I have become Sara Winchester because I am never done with projects in the house. Luckily I just decorate and I do not build additions. Thanks for reading this rambling. Stay well and stay safe.

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