2020 in the rear mirror and the same crap ahead but….Idaho

Yup! You read correctly. Idaho. So here we are at the end of January 2021. I cannot believe that I have not written since September. So many changes . Some good and some bad.
The world is still topsy turvy with Covid. Will it ever go away. They have developed vaccines and they are slowly vaccinating people. My sister has had hers and so far so good. My parents received their shots today. Covid has killed 400 000 Americans. This is insane and very terrifying. The shutdown is still going on but to varying degrees depending where you are. California has had a catastrophic upswing in cases and so they have locked everything down again.

The kiddo is still home but he is heading back to college next weekend. He has found an apartment in the East Village . I am fretting about the second goodbye. He will be 21 in 3 weeks and it is time to try again to fly the coop. I am not sure if Covid or the rising crime in NYC is more terrifying.

So let us get back to the Idaho story. How did we get here? As you may have noticed in entries from last year we had considered moving in a few years. Midsummer we started to think about it seriously. As this pandemic was dragging on we did not think that Lovie would be returning to his office any time soon. There was no longer a need for Lovie to be near work and there was no need to be spending so much money on rent anymore. So in early October, we decided to hop and a plane and head off to Boise Idaho. We had considered Washington State and Oregon but with domestic terrorists, Ant*fuck(lefties will insist it is only an idea. Not sure how an idea can burn down cities. I know a few college snowflakes that told me this. They are brainwashed.) and B1M burning down the states unfettered. With the unhinged lefties in their governments we decided to not even bother going to look into living there. California has become a shit hole and with the power outages and fires out-of-control and Covid, we decided to make a move. Due to Prop 47, San Francisco allows you to freely steal $950 from any store with no fear of prosecution…WTF..really WTF. San Francisco is literally a vast human toilet with the shit that occupies the city…including Adolph Twitler Dorsey and Nasty Pelousi. This is not mentioning the fact that actual human shit is scattered all over the city. PGE does not want to address the brush overgrowth causing the fires so they decided the most prudent solution was to turn off the power. Again WTF. Parts of SF and LA literally look like third world shitholes with miles and miles of tents and garbage on the side of the road. Not to mention that the election was a disaster. The corruption in Politics is vile. Let’s have a senile child sniffing, nipple twisting pedo, and a hohoho in charge… an excellent idea and steal it from a man(who may be a bombastic ass but at least he had our interests at heart). They vilified him and destroyed his name with baseless accusations. The media and Pelousi and Chucky should be tried for treason. It amazes me that intelligent educated people that I know sop up the bullshit spewed by lying media. We got rid of cable because I hate the misinformation and besides that, we do not want Hollyweird as all. It is criminal what they did to this man. Karma is a bitch. Already Peepad has destroyed thousands of jobs and given pharmaceuticals the right to raise the prices on life-saving diabetes and allergy meds. Nice going you fools. The cabbage has been in place for 1 week.

We arrived in Boise with a plan to look at tons of houses and possibly building a new home. We met our realtor at this house and found that there was not much in the way of inventory. As we were driving around neighborhoods we saw many cars from California. I see why the Idahoans are a little miffed at all of the California “refugees”. We got to tour this house and it ticked all of the items on our wish list. We spent 15 min touring the house and decided to not look any further. It has 4 bedrooms and an office. The house is spacious, new, and has most of the bedrooms on one level. The fourth bedroom and bathroom are upstairs and it has been a great little studio apartment for the kiddo. It is in the sub division we wanted to live in. The lot is smaller than we wanted but it has a beautiful front lawn and in the back off of our bedroom and livingroom we have a huge covered luxurious outdoor patio with a beautiful outdoor kitchen with a granite counter and a pro BBQ. I cannot wait to put furniture out there this summer. It is going to be amazing. I did venture into two other unfinished homes as we waited for an answer from the owner. We had to come up with a larger offer and then in a whirlwind of activity the house was ours.

The boys reaching Idaho.

I came up the day that the house was ours and I set about ordering stuff that we needed like refrigerators, beds, and dryer. I purchased myself a chair and a blowup bed and a few kitchen supplies. I used the wine fridge for items that needed to be cold. I spent 10 days in quiet contemplation in a large empty house. I set up my chair at the fireplace and it became my constant companion. On Thanksgiving, the guys joined me by driving up with two of the three cars. I was so happy to see them and I was able to create a Thanksgiving meal for them with limited kitchen items. The furniture arrived the next day and we started the slow and steady chore of unpacking. We have been here three months and we are still working on squaring everything away. I am having fun knowing that I have a blank slate to decorate. I am doing it slowly but surely and it is taking shape. Pictures will follow as I get things done.

Thanksgiving in the new empty house

We are loving it here. The people in the area are amazing. They all greet us and welcome us to the neighborhood. We have had a neighbor stop by with a pumpkin loaf. The whole neighborhood was decorated for Christmas. It was amazing to see so many beautiful lights. Mid December the boy and I were hanging out in the living room and we heard honking horns. We peeked outside to see a Christmas parade of about 90 neighborhood golf carts. I can honestly say I do not miss the Bay area at all…Nothing, nada, nix….well except for my family and my Nutritionist J as I can no longer see her. and I miss her support. Due to Covid therapists can now be seen by existing patients across state lines. Thank goodness that it is possible to see Not Jean. I know I rely on her too much sometimes but I just cannot go without chatting to her as it makes more sense to me when I can talk about things that are stressing me out.

I miss Nana and Papa very much and we love to facetime every day. They love seeing that goofball kiddo of ours that loves to perform a dance or goofy move for his nana. We are dreading him leaving on Sunday. I will miss his nutty antics. I also miss my sisters and nieces. We do have a family text that has been going on since last year in March and it is pretty much a marathon. We try and check in daily. Sometimes we will share a craft or a meal we have cooked. My favorite thing is when Nana says goodnight to the family nightly. This is not the same but it is better than nothing.

I am not sure if I had mentioned this in my posts last year but I did finally receive my degree and graphics design certificate in the mail. I graduated Magna Cum Laude…..If you knew how shitty my memory is you would know that it is pretty impressive. LOL

Well let us hope that it is not another 5 months before I write again. Stay safe and look after yourselves and your family. Hopefully this global nightmare will improve once more people are vaccinated.

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