Butterflies prevent madness….they really do.

Wow, I am never in the mood to update the blog. Not sure how much I will write tonight. We have just reached the 6 month anniversary of the lockdown for the pandemic with no end in sight. I think we have moved onto a phases where I think we now have to accept that we are going to live with this until there is a cure or vaccine. It has messed with my sanity for sure. School has started up again for Boy.. Poor bugger stuck at home with his parents and his girlfriend is back in college. Lovie is busy with work and I am …….who the bleep knows. I am at a low ebb again. I have been trying to spend my time keeping occupied with all of the crafts that I own. This desk is very well stocked and sucks me in for hours but I feel so hopeless again. Lots and lots of nothing. The house feels like a prison some days. I had bought myself a new mold and I had made a few butterflies. Before I knew it and I was wondering what I could do with them. I decided to put them on little necklace threads and hung them in our courtyard where the neighborhood kids play. They went crazy with excitement that they asked me to please make more. I got two of the cutest little thank you letters. So sweet. They have no idea but I have just completed 10 teddy bears in resin and I am threading them with cord at the moment. I think I will wait until next week to surprise them. It felt good to see the excitement and joy it gave them. I sit with the slider open and I could hear them finding them and the excitement was adorable.

Two weeks ago we had temps of 106f. That was hell for sure. The heat and lightning strikes in a freak storm a few weeks ago triggered some horrendous wildfires in California. Thousands of structures and acres of land has burnt. People have died some horrendous deaths. Two hundred people were at Mammoth Pools when they were surrounded with fire. They had retreated to the edge of the water on the beach. A Black Hawk and a Chinook helicopter rescued them through the flames. Incredible.

Then fires started all over Oregon. Amazingly some have been set at regular intervals because that is how mother nature works…she sets spaced out fires. Portland has been in a summer of hell being held hostage by domestic terrorists in their city which their idiot leftard leaders let it happen. Portland is a shithole just like San Franshitsco. The two groups of domestic terrorists and should be prosecuted as such. They have destroyed the city and other places like Kenosha. All in honor of criminals. Their time is coming. They are finally being arrested. They are fascists. I was incensed people who claim not to be fascists terrorized restaurant patrons to do their “Sieg Heil ” salute.They even were in the face of a small boy terrorizing him into saluting their Nazi salute. No they are not fascists at all. Manhattan is like the wild west with an astronomical rise in crime. They love to say F the Police and then cry when the police do not respond. Tons of businesses are boarded up in NYC and will probably never reopen. DeBlasio is a treasonous commie bastard. Spoilt Private school rich white kids with fuckall to do are terrorists and need the book thrown at them. They are racist assholes who patronize black people. They do not care at all they just want to boast that they were there for their black brother and sisters. A rich bitch teen in Manhattan who lives between Manhattan and another holiday house was arrested for arson. This is a common thread with these fascist assholes. One other note is that these cities are run by Democrats.

People are now leaving the Bay Area and California in droves and we will be next. Lovie is now working from home and he finally told his boss today that we are thinking of moving. We have a trip planned to Idaho early next month. I think it is time to leave. We are looking at new houses and we might even buy a house that needs to be build. It will be hard to leave my family but I am hoping that we will have space for my parents if they decided to join us. We are looking for peace and a little bit of breathing room. I will keep you posted. Stay safe.

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