Just STFU and wear a mask already.

Mask up and stay alive

Many weeks of hell for the whole world have passed since I posted on about the 11th day of lockdown. It is now July 24th, 2020 and things are really bad. An American is dying every eight minutes and we have dingbats that are insisting on making this political. They are insisting that the masks are an attempt at controlling us. The stupid…it burns. This is just so ridiculous.

There have been protests on police brutality after another black man was killed by a cop. The amount of insanity surrounding that and the pandemic will go down in the books as the most insane time in our history. The pandering of the hand wringing of the pearl-clutching left is ridiculous. Their feigned concern and fake support of the black community makes me want to vomit. Letting rioters and looters destroy history, statues, and people’s livelihoods and then loot and pillage electronics, shoes, and clothes astounds me. In NYC that moron De Blasio lets this shit happen unchecked along with other dumbass mayors. They paint big yellow letters on the roads and call it a mural. It is not a fucking mural. It is graffiti on a road. You now can get charged with a hate crime if you deface the graffiti. WTF. The idiot mayor in Seattle let the Soy boys come out of their mother’s basement and terrorize a neighborhood right up until they threatened her house. It was then time to do something and the soyboys were no longer allowed to pretend that they were the supporting cast of Les Miserables. Seattle Police have now sent out letters to citizens and businesses that the city council will no longer allow them to use nonlethal weapons on rioting trash. If you vote for bleeding hearts you need to suffer the consequences. We have idiots like Occasional Cortex saying people are stealing to feed their kids. Tell me OC where I can find that Yeezy Stew or Gucci soup recipe. Give me a freaking break. All of this done with thousands of people destroying cities and protesting and rioting in close proximity with no masks but then the idiot media will deny that this has resulted in so many new cases of COVID. They are however not the only culprits. There are so many people who do not take this seriously and just carry on like nothing is wrong. We have the proverbial Karens who refuse to wear masks and throw massive temper tantrums and hurl abuse because they” cannot breathe” in a mask. Shut up, Karen. You are full of shit. Life has changed so much in the past 17 weeks. You have to suit up in a mask and gloves to go to the supermarket.

We have to worry about COVID everywhere and we are living a groundhog day nightmare. We are no longer in lockdown but stores are open with all kinds of rules and regulations. No indoor dining in California. Some places have al fresco dining but with the numbers continuously rising it is not good. I am sure we will be in lockdown again. As a rule, we do not go anywhere. I will occasionally go to the supermarket but we have decided to get the bulk of all of our shopping done online. We have to even be concerned about the parcels and mail being contaminated. I go down to see my parents every second Friday. We suit up with masks and I wear gloves. I am terrified of making them sick. I then normally head over to my sister and my nieces and we visit while socially distant on her patio for most of the visits. That is all the time I get to spend with them. So disheartening.

The kiddo came home on 11 March 2020 and he is still home. He will not be going back to College in NYC this semester. All of his classes are online. He is not impressed. He was supposed to be going to Paris in the fall. Most schools for kids of all ages are remaining closed. Harvard, Stanford, MIT all have their version of how many students they will have on campus this semester. I know in a previous blog. Most kids had to graduate from High school and college via some sort of online graduation ceremony. I have finished my degree and it was supposed to be my graduation but it has been postponed until at least December. I do not even think that it will happen then. You wait until 53 to graduate college and then you have no graduation. (This is just a light-hearted grumble). This is minor in the grand scheme of things. One of our nieces and nephews graduated from high school. It was interesting to see the schools coming up with very interesting and creative ways to accommodate some sort of graduation ceremony.

The things I did not anticipate have shocked me in many ways. The weird supermarket rules, men who cannot follow simple social distancing at the supermarket. It is odd how aggressive and angry people seem to be. I have occasionally gone out to pick up fabric to make masks. I have made dozens of masks for friends, family, and neighbors. In the beginning, we could not get fabric. I placed an order online at our local fabric store and it took ten days to be ready for pickup. It is now a lot easier. I have been using my Cricut machine to cut out the fabric. I just mailed nana 13 masks to make as a donation to a local hospital pediatric infusion center.

My beautiful nana

If there is a craft I have tried it over the last 20 weeks in lockdown. I have painted a reborn doll, worked on diamond painting and at the moment I am fascinated with resin. Here are some of my results from lockdown.

I moved my beautiful Dream Box craft desk from the kiddo’s bedroom to the dining room. I was not able to use it so this is not ideal but it works well. It gives me a little refuge from the panic and anxiety over the virus. My nieces showed me that they were playing Animal Crossing and I had been addicted many years ago so I bought myself a switch and I have been playing with my girlies. I have started walking again to try and lose weight. I am so unfit. I did make it a mile on Thursday but I am not walking every day. It is a pain to have to walk in a mask. I have put on 25 pounds since the beginning of the year. I think it is the new Anxiety medication so I am in the middle of going back to the old medication. It is devastating. I have worked so hard to lose all of the weight and I feel disgusting. All my energy is trained on trying to stay sane and not cave into the terror that I feel some nights.The nights are long and sleepless. My insomnia is exhausting. I hate going to bed and being in the bedroom. I am up most nights until at least 3am. This virus is horrendous.I think it is the unpredictability of how it will affect you is the thing that makes it so scary. Thank God for Not Jean. I am so grateful that she is always offering a patient ear and good advice. I have started seeing her every week…well seeing someone for an appointment is no longer in person. We are using medical facetime apps to chat with doctors.

Please, please wear a mask. We are going to be stuck inside forever if people are not willing to do their part. Watch this space for news on the moving front. I do not want to say much yet but it will be a major change. Lovie no longer works at the office and he knows that he can work from home successfully. We do not know when it will ever be back to normal. Is this the new normal forever?

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