A Reader’s Digest

I cannot believe that I have let almost a year pass without updating my blog. The saying is that time flies while you are having fun, but I am not convinced that the past year has been 100% fun. Here we go with a summary of the past twelve months.

We settled into the regular routines of our life for the next few months after nana and papa’s visit. We had a quiet two-person Thanksgiving in Idaho but headed to the Bay Area for Christmas. We met our boy who flew in from NYC. We celebrated my sister’s 50th and Christmas with some good old family traditions thrown in for fun. It was so great to have a break from the Covid crap. We had a wonderful time with the family.

The three of us headed back to Idaho after Christmas for quality time with our boy before he returned to NYC for his last semester of college. Our return marked the beginning of a very impressive snowstorm. We ordered groceries for delivery because the streets inside the HOA boundaries are not on the state snowplow route. The snowy landscape was stunningly beautiful and a great excuse to stay home and enjoy each other. This winter was much colder than last year. We had way more snow with a final dusting in early May.

We managed to get out to a nearby restaurant for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. It was wonderful to get out into the world and feel normal again. Our present goal is to get out to dinner every fortnight. Life carried on as usual as the boy set about finishing his final semester of college. We missed him but we were excitedly looking forward to his graduation. Mr. Finesse once again managed to push his least favorite degree requirement (science this time) into the last semester. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors and he has made us proud. I was so nervous and stressed about the trip as NYC has become more dangerous since Covid. The lunatics are running the asylum. We did not know what Covid restrictions were in place and found that it was way more relaxed than we anticipated. I had stated that I was not going anywhere except to three graduation events. There was a surprisingly busy street fair for grads and their families. Washington Square park was packed with thousands of grads and families. A superspreader event for sure. We then attended the whole school graduation at Yankee Stadium. Taylor Swift was a surprising pick for commencement speaker. She told us that she was probably chosen because she had written a song named “22”. It was a warm and sunny day, and I came away with a goofy sunburn. The second event was for the specific school our boy attended. That ceremony was at the Radio City Musical Hall. It was a proud moment to watch him walk across the stage. Our boy is now a graduate.

We were ready to fly home when we discovered that Lovie had come down with Covid. We had to get a second hotel room and stay an extra week. That doubled the cost of our accommodation as we had to have two rooms for six extra nights. We were stuck inside our rooms until we were able to fly out. The trip home was a nightmare. To make our connection in Denver, we had to change flights at the last minute and got assigned cramped seats in the back row. The worst air turbulence we have ever experienced crowned off the trip. I thought for sure that we were going to die. It was terrifying as we approached Denver. Thank goodness the second leg was not as bad. It was good to be back in Idaho. The day after we arrived home I tested positive for Covid. Lovie was also recovering. We both took it easy for the next two weeks. Lovie is the one who struggled to get his oxygen levels back up and he still needs an occasional nap. I was so lucky to have a mild case. No fever, no Oxygen problems. My main issue was a sore nose and I lost my smell for three days. Three months later I am plagued with Parosmia. I randomly smell things that are not there and my mouth tastes gross. I also like the occasional nap and my bedtime is now at a reasonable 10pm. Before Covid I was always up until 3am. Thank goodness the boy also was lucky enough to have a mild case. I was so relieved. He seems to be completely recovered.

I think we have got used to the quiet peace of living in a smaller town. I have been keeping myself busy with continuing the job of decorating the house. We replaced the dining room furniture. Why is it so impossible to get rid of old furniture? Lovie says he is ready to call me Sarah Winchester with the never-ending work on the house.

The arrival back home greeted us with beautiful early summer weather, and we eat our lunch outside on the covered patio. It is so blissful out there. I removed the cushion covers from the outdoor furniture and washed everything. There is a lot of builders’ dust, and the furniture is already covered in a new layer of dust. We love sitting at the dining table and watching the birds that eat at our feeder. The greedy little buggers love the seeds we supply.

As the summer has progressed we are experiencing the killer heat again. The temperature reached an insane 106 deg today. This is the fourth week of killer temperatures. We are inside most of the time, and a little bit of cabin fever is settling in. The number of crafts that keep me occupied seems to expand daily. I do own most of the materials so that I can tackle anything. My inventory comes from many trips finding non-specific craft materials at the craft and thrift stores. I also got back into my fabric design. I have been designing fabric for the weekly contests on Spoonflower. I sell my fabric on Spoonflower. For some odd reason, a design I made for a college project is still my most popular. Last year I sold about 15 yards of that particular fabric. I also upload digital art and photography onto Adobe stock. I occasionally sell files on that platform. I also sell occasionally on Society Six and Red bubble. It has not really made much money but I love honing my skills.

The world suddenly seems to think that Covid is old news. It is disturbing to see how it can be used as a political tool. I am not doubting that it is a real thing, however, it is interesting that suddenly the masks are no longer required, and the travel restrictions are now non-existent. If you have had 20 boosters or just two inoculations, it seems to be that everyone has a different Covid. We both still have brain fog. I have taste issues with the taste of the food being off and occasional fatigue. It appears that I imagine gross smells. Today, I can smell a relentless garbage smell. I never knew that Ruffles could taste like fish. Lovie is still dealing with the fatigue and often gives into the joy of a nap. Thank goodness the kiddo seems to have escaped with no discernible long Covid leftovers. Lovie and I used Paxlovid. It might or might not have helped in taming the symptoms. The Paxlovid makes your mouth taste like you have been licking a dirty toilet.

Latest resin creations.

We had planned to go to Iceland to see the Northern lights this year. Unfortunately, the mental and physical fatigue from Covid pushed the trip into next year. We hope to be in a better frame of mind next year.
The boy has decided to stay in NYC along with the crime, polio, and monkeypox. A delightful cesspool of Sh!t. He is still looking for a job. I am hoping that he gets to use his talents very soon. He has been writing a screenplay set in Idaho. He is a brilliant writer, and whatever path he takes will lead him to success. The boy has a unique sense of flair and style. His latest is a mullet and a mustache.

My mom and dad are finally getting to retire and move out of their workplace. We are all so happy and relieved for them. They can now take it easy. We can have them visit more often. The new apartment is very cute. I cannot wait to help Nana with the finishing touches to the decor. Lovie’s mom turns eighty this year. She does not know that we will be flying in to celebrate with her. We are going to coordinate with my sister-in-law to plan some sort of family celebration. Lovie’s sister is helping with the plans as she is in the area.
This is a short synopsis of a crazy year. I have probably forgotten a slew of happenings but I think this sums up most of it.

By the way Let’s go Brandon.

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