Congratulations and celebrations.

I figured that it might be time to catch up. I am never in the right frame of mind.
I went to be with my parents when they moved. The move was hectic and tense. It is good that they no longer need to be on duty at night and can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
Once I got back to Idaho, we made plans to visit Wisconsin for my mother-in-law’s 80th and her brother’s 81st birthday. My love’s sister was the only one that knew that we would be there to celebrate.

We flew first class for the first time. I love the extra space and sitting in the front of the plane. We enjoyed a meal and Lovie an adult beverage. We went via Minneapolis as there were no direct flights from Boise to Milwaukee. We left beautiful fall weather in Idaho and flew into a frigid and windy Milwaukee. We surprised grandma at her local watering hole. We hid in the back corner of the restaurant to surprise her. We spent the rest of the week chilling in the hotel and visiting with Grandma and her brother. We picked up a variety of cake slices at the market for her actual birthday. The following weekend we celebrated with Lovie’s cousins and siblings at a local Mexican restaurant.

On our return, I had to deal with another extraction of two teeth with a plan to get implants. The previous extraction perforated my sinus .The Periodontist tried to repair the hole but it was unsuccessful. My body had absorbed the bone graft and membrane but the perforation was still open. He removed the stitches and I am still getting liquid going into my sinus and coming out my nose. The extractions were very painful. The tooth was impacted and had to be hacked out stump by stump. I was furious because they promised me the same sedation as the first surgery. They never called in the medication to the pharmacy. They claimed that the medication they gave me would work but I was lucid throughout the procedure. I was upset because I have spent the last six years fighting with PTSD about the hellish gallstone mess. The experience has deflated my mood. I am also in severe pain in my jaw and extraction site. I am 17 days post-surgery and still waking up every morning with my mouth throbbing. This was an awful experience. I am second-guessing the implants. I need another surgery to try and repair the sinus for a second time. I am overdue for a liver biopsy to assess whether I have an autoimmune liver disorder. The thought of a biopsy is unfathomable as I know something will go awry.
We have decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The mental fallout from Covid is far more taxing than the physical recovery.
The thought of hopping on a plane is just not appealing. The plan to go and see the Northern Lights in Iceland this past September is postponed until 2023.
The boy is most likely going to stay in NYC for the holidays. He was hired as a runner for a long-running network news magazine. His compensation is low, but he is getting experience and working knowledge. It is frightening that he uses the subway every day. Manhattan is a Demonrat shit hole that is overrun with criminals. The leftist morons that run NYC play catch and release. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket under Demonrats. The cost of living is through the roof, inflation is out of control, and crime is rampant in certain metro areas. Let’s go, Brandon.


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