Dreaming of a White Christmas

Another year is over. The Covid virus seems to have robbed us of so much time. I get a lot done, but at the same time, I get nothing done. I have spent the year designing fabrics, making resin statues, abstract embroidery creations, and crocheted blankets. I have been spinning my wheels on revamping my office and closet. However, I was motivated enough to start both jobs. I have made a lot of progress. It is very frustrating to be in this state of mind.

I also started repairing my damaged teeth. I had four unsalvageable teeth removed in preparation for implants. The surgeries were a disaster. The Periodontist pierced a hole between my mouth and sinus. He attempted to repair it, but the surgery failed. The last extraction exposed my wisdom tooth. I decided to get a second opinion. The oral surgeon suggested that the repairs would be complex. I am facing two surgeries with full anesthetic to repair the errors and remove two wisdom teeth. I am so furious about this. I thought I was doing the right thing, but it has backfired again. I am considering a call to a malpractice lawyer. I am now facing a lot of mental stress over these repairs. I am second-guessing getting the implants. I am concerned that there will be more complications.
It has been a long recovery time from Covid. My cognitive abilities still seem to be adversely affected. My memory is atrocious, and my taste buds are extremely confused. A prime example of these memory issues is that I could not remember where I had stored all of the new ornaments I collected last year. We had to wrack our brains, and then we remembered that it was under the bed in the guest room. I feel like I am losing my marbles. Most food disappoints and tastes odd. I randomly lose my appetite. My extractions and these food aversions have resulted in a twenty pound weight loss this year. That is about half of my covid lockdown weight increase. It is the only upside to both.

Our kiddo came home for the holidays, and we enjoyed having him home again. He seems very happy and enjoying his job at a national news program. I think he can learn a lot in this job. It is a pity that the pay is low. We enjoyed his company for a week before he headed off to Arizona to spend time with his girlfriend and her family. His girlfriend seems to be a perfect match for him. She is studying to become an actor.


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