Nothing Rusty about this Parrot


This is not a paid endorsement and I am just reporting on my own experiences at this fantastic Lodge. We usually really research the reviews of a place before we make a trip. Lovie found this little place on Trip advisor and I think Yelp. We went online and booked the Owner’s suite for our stay. That very day we got a phone call apologizing for the website giving us the room for our whole stay but the room was not available for our first night. They asked how they could help and offered us a different room for the first night and then help to move us to the Owner’s suite for the rest of our stay. We are for the most part easy going so I said that would be fine. They offered us complimentary breakfast for the duration of our stay. Sounded good to me. Closer to our stay they emailed us to tell us that the room was now available for the duration of our stay and as an aside they still honored their breakfast offer.


We arrived and were greeted by really lovely staff members. The young woman at the counter was so lovely and pleasant to talk to. The young guy Will is amazing. He was our go-to guy. He showed us around the suite and offered us some names of local places for dinner. He is so nice, pleasant and the most hardworking man ever. Will was the guy that started our fires in our bedroom. He filled up the coffee and tea supplies in the library lounge area outside our room. He was also the cookie guy who brought up the fresh treats that were in the lounge. He checked the hot tub and started the firepit for us when we were sitting outside. We read a review that Will and a few other staff members had bought a kid a basketball when the kid asked if the hotel had one for him to use. Peter was our breakfast waiter for the time that we were there. He was always welcoming and pleasant. The Wild Sage chefs are wonderful and the breakfast was delicious every morning. I am a sucker for biscuits and gravy and I had it twice. I never allow myself this indulgence but I was committed to only eating half so I could still enjoy the taste.



The Wild Sage was where we chose to celebrate our official anniversary dinner on Saturday. It was excellent. The service was fantastic and the food delicious. It lived up and surpassed all of our expectations. Kudos to the chef.

The owner’s suite was fantastic. It is the only room on that floor. It has a spacious lounge with a desk large sofa big tv and fireplace. The feel was very rustic and welcoming. The bedroom was large with two armchairs and an ottoman in front of the fireplace. It was also warm and cozy and inviting. They have some really cute touches. There is a teddy bear on the bed and the housekeeping posed him differently each day that we were there.

They have turndown service and they leave you chocolates on a plate and a poem printed on their letterhead as part of the service. A sweet touch.

The spa was also wonderful. Both ladies that worked on me were wonderful and so pleasant to chat to while I was having my facial. Now I do not chat easily so they must have some kind of magic…LOL.

It was in a quiet part of town and an easy walk(when it was not snowing or raining) to downtown eateries and stores. The town itself is adorable and a typical little western town. I would love to go there again and I would want to stay at the Rusty Parrot again. My only complaint..which is very minor was that the TV said it was a smart tv but I could not get anything but cable and could not figure out how to stream to the TV…not great shakes. I just watched on my laptop.



To be continued.

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