Mother’s day

Flower gift from my sister….Ooops I forgot to photograph the orchid from Nana I will post it later. 

Today was a little bittersweet. My baby did text me at least to wish me Happy Mother’s day. I missed him very much and feel very weepy.We got the laundry done this morning and then we headed down to spend the afternoon with nana. We stopped to get flowers and this is the greeting I got at Nob Hill. Not a flower in sight. I also looked for a Starbucks gift card for my sister for her birthday and not one in sight.


So we managed to find some delicious Lemon chiffon cake at Nob Hill and flowers at Safeway.

So I prepared another salad of goodness for our dinner tonight. Trying to adhere to get more fuel into my body. Tonight it was red and green lettuce, tomatoes, nuts, avocado, pickled cabbage, pickled beets, shredded chicken. I used the cabbage and the beets as the dressing. It was super good. My body is not going to know what has hit it. All this nutrition in my body on one weekend. I am an odd cookie. I like junk but I also like things like pickled beets and pickled cabbage. I love borscht. I am African, not Russian…LOL.


Well, tonight I think I will chill and watch Mommy Ramblings Blog on youtube and play Sims 4 to unwind. Mommy Ramblings is becoming an addiction. I love how nice the people are on that channel.

Tomorrow it is time for Not Jean again. After tomorrow I will only see her on the 30th. The boy is home on Wednesday and he will be staying until the 26th. He found out he does not have to change rooms until the fall. We are gearing up to our 20th wedding anniversary in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Every time we look at the weather it gets worse. The ten-day forecast predicts snow for most of our trip. What the heck! We are a great suite with fireplaces in the room and living room. Sounds like we will need it. I have a facial and foot and hand massage planned and lovey has decided that he is going to take a look at the annual elkhorn auction. This is so out of character for us.

Oh well, that is about all that I can share right now. I hope that if you are a mother that you had a special day. Have a wonderful week. I will try and share from Wyoming but I will be on my iPad so we will see how that goes.

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