Happy Mother’s Day


My first wishes for a blessed Mother’s day go out to my beautiful mama. I love you very much Lanibeth. Thank you for all of your love and support every day of my life. You are the most wonderful mother and nana that we could all have ever hoped for. Your texting abilities leave a lot to be desired but it kind of makes your texts endearing. You are very special and I hope that you really know that you are loved. The three of us are very lucky to call you mom and the four grown-up monsters are very lucky to call you Nana. Happy Mother’s Day old girl.


The other mothers I want to mention are my two beautiful sisters. Both of you are magnificent mamas and the girls are very lucky to have you as mothers.

To my mother in law Lillian and my two sisters in laws.Happy Mother’s day. Finally wishes to all of the other magnificent mothers that I know. I hope that you enjoy your day.

I had no other agenda than to wish all of you on your special day. Tomorrow is also my baby sister’s birthday. She was actually born on Mother’s day in the year that she arrived.lovemama1

I love you mama and Annie and Jo.

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