Out of sorts


Grilled Lambchop and rice

This is not a food blog but I had to share this because it was so yummy to have a lamb chop for the first time in a long time. The kiddo was out until midnight so lovie and I went to dinner at a local little Japanese restaurant. The lamb chops were an appetizer and so I limited myself to just one chop and half of the rice. The rest will be dinner tonight. I can never allow myself to eat all the dinner. Not going to happen. I also had a small order of avocado roll. We came home and watched a movie until the boy graced us with his presence.



Warrior Roll


Today I spent the day finishing that ridiculous cartoon for my class and doing the laundry. It is done, it is imperfect and I do not care. I just got my grade back on that walking rotoscope video I shared a few weeks ago and I got 95% so this one will have to do. All of my English is done for the semester so I can chill out and spend time on designs for the next few weeks. The boy is out filming today. Last night I was so ticked. He was up in the Santa Cruz mountains behind the school with his friends. I cannot stand it when they go up the mountain because the road is very windy with steep dropoffs. Teenagers.Arghhh It ruined my evening because it made me very anxious again. I am struggling today. I did try and work on my penny-farthing design for the competition to try and keep my mind off of the boy and his shenanigans. Tonight we have to put our foot down and make him commit to a college. I will lose my shit if he tries to weasel out of committing to a school. He needs to pay his deposit. I do not want him waiting until the last night. That is inevitably a drama because the computers normally crash due to volume. I will keep you posted. Happy Sunday and have a wonderful, fabulous and fantastic week. Can you believe it is almost May already?


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