French Toast with Japanese Bread in California.

Happy Saturday. I dosed myself with Lorazepam and Dimetapp to try and have a good night’s sleep last night and it worked. I slept very well but I could have slept for hours more. I had to get up and make some french toast for the kiddo before he left again.Well, not had to but wanted to…As I claimed yesterday that Japanese milk bread does make excellent french toast.  Fun fact…In South Africa, we ate french toast with ketchup not powdered sugar and syrup.

That boy is much in demand. I cannot remember if I told you but he was asked by one of the boarders at school(his school is a Catholic boarding/day Prep School) if he would be in a film that he was making. So today he is once again spending the day filming.My darn cough is back with a vengeance this morning. I feel like I have had a backslide again. I am coughing really badly. I thought I was on the mend.

Yesterday when I was at the Japanese bakery I also visited the Japanse grocery store, Mitsuwa and I found these adorable little kokeshi doll crackers. I am crazy about weird and wonderful artforms and art dolls and these are the sweetest cracker wrappers I have ever seen. There are two crackers in each package. The head looks like a little wooden ball but it is completely edible. IMG_6803Talking about my love of Kokeshi I should start sharing all of the artforms I have enjoyed dabbling in over the years. I think I will share things as we move along.

On Tuesday I need to hand in a unique version of the classic ” Bambi vs Godzilla “short for my animation class. You know that animation class that I love to hate.  I am about halfway through it. Arghhh. Let this class be over already. I have been looking at the catalog for summer and fall as I mentioned before. I think I have decided. I will just do math this summer and the three digital media classes in the fall. Then I should have one semester left after that and my degree will be done.

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