Coffee and Crepes


Today I had trouble waking up and spent a lot of the day working on staying awake. I drove down to see my family who live 30 miles south of here. I stopped off at my sister and then we met at this adorable little coffee place after we ran some errands. Mom and I went to suss out this little crafter place that is basically a storefront filled with small stalls filled with little vendors products. I have arranged a meeting with the owner next Wednesday to hopefully rent a spot in the store for my scarves and bags.
We then met at this little place called the Heartbeat Cafe in Campbell, California. It is funky and adorable and the owner makes great coffee drinks. Brunch for me was some crepes. They were delicious. It was so nice laughing and chatting with my sister, niece, and mama. I never get to just hang with my niece. After lunch, we went back to my sister’s house and we sat and chatted for most of the afternoon. My older niece arrived with her boyfriend. She has me in stitches sometimes. The girl is quirky and she can really make you laugh.

Orange crepes.


I took the old girl home and then I headed North. The kiddo is out with his friends so I stopped off to buy my love dinner from this great Asian Fusion place called Koja. They make their sandwiches with rice fried into a cake instead of a bun. They started off small as a food truck and now they have storefronts. So yummy. The short rib is the best but I cannot eat it because I am allergic to beef. While I waited for the order I went next door to the Asian bakery to get some Japanese milk bread. Apart from Brioche, this bread makes the best french toast. A good Saturday lunch.  The ride was the usual Friday night Bay Area Bullshit. I got off the freeway halfway home and took the “secret” backroads. I stopped off at Roberts,(a small little country grocery store for rich people in Woodside) and then headed home. I needed some salad for meals this weekend. I made it home about a minute before my love. I ate half of my sandwich. I can honestly say I feel disgusting. I feel so bad about eating that Koja sandwich(a pork one not the beef of course).  I get so nervous about spinning out of control. I cannot allow myself to eat something so decadent.


Now I am in my nightie watching Big Bang and The West World Premier with the love of my life while using the rest of my brain cells to type this blog.The West World premier is way too gory for me. I have become very sensitive to that type of violence and I just cannot watch it anymore. That is why I am typing while I “watch”. Our kiddo has still not committed to a college. This is driving us nuts. Hopefully, he makes up his mind this weekend. I can register for my summer and fall classes on May 5th. I see three classes in the Digital Media department that really interest me for the fall. I do need to get a math class done as well. I guess this is how I will keep busy once the boy is off to school.

Well, that is all for now. Have a wonderful and restful weekend.

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