Penny(Farthing) for your thoughts

IMG_1066This was at least a more productive day. I got up with the guys. I got dressed and made it to school. The class is not really worth the drive…well the class is not bad it is just not that taxing. We watched this movie “El Camino The way” about the pilgrimage of a man with his son’s ashes along the El Camino de Santiago. Not something I would ever have thought to watch but I am thoroughly enjoying finishing it here at home. It is very inspiring. It must be wonderful to take on a pilgrimage like that. The movie is free on youtube. Give it a peek. Then it was the decision. Do I go home and sit all alone or go and sit at the cute little cafe I am falling in love with? I chose to go and sit and draw and have a scone and tea for lunch. Unfortunately, that plan was thwarted. I forgot my iPad’s pen at home. So I chilled out and watched a youtube while I ate. Nice and relaxing. Then I decided to go and walk around TJ Maxx and then I headed home. It was already 4pm. I came home and then made dinner for the guys. The darn cough has been at bay all day and now I am rattling again. I did sit and design something for the bicycle challenge on Spoonflower this week. I came up with a penny-farthing. I am still working on finetuning the design. I have one color palette under wraps but I am not convinced it is the right one. I will share it once I am happy with the design.At least I did create something today. Thank goodness. I try and commit to something every day…even it is this blog. The anxiety was not horrendous today. Thank Goodness. Tomorrow I am heading to the Southbay to see the family.

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