Escape from New York

Home and safe

Thank God he is home safely. He seems to be ok but I think a tiny bit freaked out. I must say it is wonderful to hug him and feed him all of his favorite things. He loved the door decoration for his new dorm. Today, of course, he is off to his ex-girlfriend to spend the day. I just hope to God he is laying low at her house and not galavanting. I told him to stay out of San Francisco as there is a state of emergency and it is a cesspool of germs anyway regardless of any virus breakout. The place is gross. When we picked him up at the airport I used a mask and gloves. I am not taking any chances I do not care if they say it is not that effective. My niece’s high school is closed for two weeks and my other niece has told us that it looks like her college is moving to online classes. My nephew has a college class and a choir competition cancelled.
Last night the President closed the borders to Europe for about a month. Americans can come back but there is still confusion as to whether they will be in quarantine or not. I do not envy the man at all. It must be a nightmare to have this responsibility on your shoulders. Today they declared a state of emergency in NYC. They have banned all large gatherings so all the Broadway stages are dark.

Today Lovie worked from home. I took a walk this morning and it felt so good. We have been home for the rest of the day. We are both antsy and I have not got into anything today. My nerves are pretty raw. I had a teleconference with my doctor today to sort out medication. It is good not to have to see her in person. I have jumped from one activity to the next all day today. Surprisingly I have not felt the urge to binge even with the anxiety over the situation.
I attempted a design about 3 times and just called it a day. No creative juices flowing today. I crocheted for a while. I always have beanies on the go. I make them and then donate them to infusion centers. I was supposed to have my eating disorder support group tonight but I was too nervous about attending as it is in a small room. I missed going tonight. I hope that things get better with regards to the virus and that life returns to normal in the next few weeks….although I am not convinced that will be happening any time soon.
We found out last night that they are housing 15 cruise people in quarantine a whole two miles from our home. They were from the boat that was stuck out in the bay for a good number of days until they could figure out what to do with them. There were sick people on board. One of the passengers had died of the Wuhan virus.
Yes, I said the Wuhan virus. Ebola came from the Ebola river. West Nile Virus came from West Nile and Wuhan virus came from Wuhan. I am sick of these moronic liberals that pretend to act all sanctimonious because the President called it a foreign virus. It is not from here so it is foreign. I have no time for shit. I am losing patience.
That is my rant for today. Stay safe. Look after yourselves and God Bless.

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