Shit’s getting real…scary

Hi everyone. I hope that this finds you all hanging on safely. This is spiraling fast. We have not left the house for three days except for me going to the grocery store for a few things at 10 pm this evening. This is the sight that greeted me in the bread and milk isles.

This is unbelievable. Santa Clara county where most of my immediate family lives is one of the worst counties. My parents are my primary concern. They are both in their 70s and although fairly healthy they do have BP problems, dad is on blood thinners and mom has a kidney issue. I hate that they live in a building with old people that could be contagious. Sometimes I wish we had a place to have them live with us. Maybe one day soon. We also have my sister and niece to worry about. Both of them are immunocompromised for sure.
The kiddo has been staying home for the most part but he has been going to the ex-girlfriend every night for a few hours. He has one week left of spring break and then he has to go back to school via Zoom. Lovie has been working at home since Friday and now the message has come down from the top that everyone should work from home. His boss lives in the Netherlands and she has been here locally for a few weeks but now she is heading back. The Netherlands is not in very good shape. The borders have been closing here steadily and the President told everyone who wants to come home to get here as soon as possible as they are shutting down the borders. I wish it was completely shut down. New Zealand has the right idea. They will not even let cruise ships to dock until June. England was initially not on the banned list but then their numbers are out of control as well. It appears that they are not taking it seriously. The pubs and bars are still open. Here in our town, it appears that all the restaurants have been told to close along with the bars. There is only food for delivery for now otherwise no open places to eat.
I am not going to volunteer tomorrow at the Food Bank. I am too scared and I am still annoyed by their partisanship causing them to make unnecessary statements about the President in this time of the nightmare unfolding. Tomorrow will be my first virtual therapy session with not Jean. Last week when I saw her that she was worried but I am so glad she is taking precautions. I am sure she is over 65 so she needs to hunker down like other older people. So tomorrow therapy will be happening in my bedroom. With the guys home that will be the only place private. The house on the second and first floor is very open plan so there is nowhere to hide and I do not need the boys hearing me fretting about them.
Food, Food, Food. It is driving me mental. A new twist on an old nightmare. I did the shopping to feed the boys if we are stuck in the house and now I am tortured with fretting about the food I got to feed them and whether I got the right things and the right balance etc. One thousand ideas on what to use on what day and should I use fresh food now and how much and a lot of BS. I was wondering that it might be good for me to make a menu for the week and then I will not start freaking out about it all day long. I have had two panic attacks this week.
My sister from another mother was supposed to visit next month from Australia and she just canceled her ticket today. I look forward to the day when she can come over and this is all over. An old friend from Canada messaged me on Facebook last night and we have not spoken in years. We had a lovely chat online last night. This art pictured below is on of the things I have been using to keep occupied. I have started working on a second crocheted beanie.

So here we heading into a new week. Stay healthy, wash your hands and self quarantine and remember social distancing. God bless and stay well.

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