Boy Boy is back

x5d62TVuQjme8AXZFs5AKwI am one happy mama. My boy is home for 4 weeks. It is such a relief to actually see him after those two very scary health visits to the ER. He is painfully thin but I think that we can feed him a lot of healthy foods. We have surprisingly seen a lot of him this weekend. We thought for sure that he would be gone with his friends but he did come home with two papers due so he was around for most of yesterday and today. He actually just left at around 5pm to go to a friend’s club for dinner and a swim. He so needs this rest and a break. I had to spoil him so I told him to bring all of his dirty laundry home so that I could get that up to date for him. The little bugger has however already got a ticket in San Francisco. Can you believe it was close to an $80 fine for not parking with his wheels towards the curb on a hill? That is ridiculous.

Pickles, bets, couscous, and feta…another concoction.

Food, food food, The bain of my existence. Can someone tell me why we have to eat..I know, I know but it is just a headache. My weight has pretty much held steady over the past month and I was actually down almost 2lb from last month’s lowest. The obsessions with eating and not eating have been surfacing lately. I have been noticing it happens every day around 4pm. I have not been very active since going to yoga and swimming last week. My back and hip are giving me hell. I just think it will be a good idea to wait until I see the ortho next week before going back to Restorative Yoga. So wacky that something that is supposed to be good for your back can make it spaz out so badly. I think I will try and go and swim laps tomorrow before or after my not Jean appointment. Yes, I think it is good that I have a not Jean tomorrow. I am doing ok but the food thingy is probably because I am anxious because the boy is home. Anxious when he is gone and anxious when he is here. Oh now I remember, they(kiddo and the girlfriend) want to go on a road trip to Los Angeles this coming weekend. Heaven help me. Not sure how I am going to function knowing that they are driving down the 5 and then the grapevine….not to mention Orange itself…Oh and let us throw in the earthquakes this past week.

f1bJ%jsKQM+5g%s7brJDlAI have been dying to find some pink and pale blue vintage pyrex and I finally found two. This is the pink one. I am not parting with this one. I also found a blue one but you will have to wait for a photo because the photo I uploaded is atrocious. The one photographed is very sought after but I am not selling it.

Lovie is on a major quest to find the last piece of the puzzle so that he can build his own computer. The part he was looking for was supposed to be released today but he went on a wild goose chase from San Carlos to Palo  Alto to Santa Clara and came home empty-handed. Poor guy. The build is now stalled until the part can be purchased.

I finally got my watch back but this week is a slow week. Calories today and I have had dinner is sitting at 830. I am probably going to find some dessert so it will get to 1000. Steps are standing at 3966…No idea how it got to be that much but I will take it.

Have a good week.

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