Too much fun…oh to be young.

A wise woman once told me…and to not be conscious is a disaster.                                 ( this is a Cricut project I created)

I have been absent for a while because I have been absent from myself for a while now. The boy has been home for about 3 weeks now. It is nice having him around when he is actually around. The lovebirds had a great trip to LA, and the mother had sleepless nights while they traveled there and back. 


The rest of the time since they have been back, it has been a challenge wrestling some time for us. We love this guy so much and miss him so badly. I guess we need to give ourselves Kudos that he is so confident and this chicken has flown the coop with gusto. It is just so hard to accept. Poor Not Jean has had quite the challenge with me these past three weeks. Thank God for Not Jean.

I finished my summer Oceanography class last week with a B+. Now I am down to a math class and an Oceanography lab, and I am finally done with this degree. The lack of class availability is what is dragging this out. I am on a waitlist for the lab for this coming fall but who knows if I will even get it down until next year…so frustrating. While I finish up, I am just trying to keep myself busy with my little side selling business and designing as much as possible to keep my brain occupied. The side selling thing is so much fun. Weirdly, it can be so much fun. I just bought this bag of jumbled jewelry from goodwill last week. I sorted it and had a pleasant surprise that there were actually cute items that I have kept. I found a lovely gold bracelet and ring and ruby or garnet tennis bracelet. I have put some of the other things up on Etsy, Mercari, and eBay.

At the same time, I am trying to make an effort to design for every challenge on the Spoonflower fabric website. I really do love doing continuous fabric design. It satisfies the OCD in me. I need the practice. I am exploring all kinds of business options. I ordered about a dozen yoga tanks wholesale, and I am working on a design for the shirts, and I will probably list them on Poshmark. As I said, I am exploring all types of things. I need to find my meaning in life. I am really lost and really angry at the moment. I have been told that anger is the second stage of grieving…Mmmmm who knows. It just is what it is, I guess. I am fighting with food daily…that bitch will not win.


The boy is here for 4 more days, and then he goes back to school for a three-week scriptwriting class. He is going to love the NYC weather in August…not. He then has a two-week break, and then he moves to his new dorms with one of his best friends. I am going to miss him…well I am missing him already. We will just have to keep on keeping ourselves distracted.
The last time I wrote lovie was waiting for a part for his computer build. Well, it has been so long that the computer is built and up and running. He did a fantastic job and without a misstep from start to finish. That is one sexy computer. It is his dream machine, and it looks impressive as well.

We have also been trying to make an effort to go out together and do things for ourselves. (No Jean prodding and cajoling all along the way.) So we decided to go and see some Jazz at the Stanford Jazz festival. We chose the night when Taylor Eigsti(a  grad of my son’s high school) and Lisa Fischer were performing. Amazing talents. The show was so fantastic, and we need to find more events like this to keep ourselves occupied. We want to start taking weekend trips to different towns up and down the coast to see if we can find a different place to live in the future. I so badly want to leave this place.


I also meant to mention that I have been taking care of health maintenance over the past few weeks.  I went and saw the OB, Orthopedist, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, I got a mammogram and next week I  have a visit to the Hematologist and the Physiatrist….back doctor. Mostly maintenance checkups but I need to change my BP meds with the cardiologist, I need to go for physiotherapy for my hip pain and the back doctor for my back and neck issues so that I can get back to yoga. I also need to swim more. The good news from the ortho was that if I kept on walking I would not do further damage to my hip. That is good to know. Otherwise, I am doing ok physically. Oh well, I guess that is all I have to share today. Hopefully, I will get to this more frequently. I have tried to start a blog several times in the past few weeks, but I was coming up short when it came to inspiration, so that is why I was MIA. 4aGEeMS2QZS6XiaQKCWkhQ

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