A Good Start

Nature Photography

A great early start to a hopefully productive day. Good Morning. This is the Sunrise I got to photograph this morning over the Baylands. Walked the kiddo to his car this morning and it seemed so calm and still that I could not resist going for a dawn walk. I joked with the guys that I was terrified of encountering a raccoon on the lagoon walkway. I figured it was light enough so I set off on my usual route for walking. Halfway down the path, I noticed a hare hopping around so I carried on walking. A few paces closer I look to the right and there is a raccoon glaring at me. Those suckers are huge and intimidating. I broke out into a very fast walk. I was terrified because I cannot run. Yes, I cannot run. I do not know how. You might find that amusing but it is because I was a 150+ pounds overweight for about 25 years. After a terrifying health scare that almost killed me, I have lost 100lb but  I still cannot figure out how to run. The photo gallery contains examples of my photography, art, and designs. I want to start a business once I have my Graphic design certificate. I would like to work alone. I am not sure if I should offer product or services. My goal is to explore my options over the next six months.

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