Circle of life…11 days and counting

Random nature shot taken today

The photo above was taken when I noticed this random tree trunk base as I was walking down the street today so I thought I would share. Today I decided to once again try a mindfulness women’s circle at the local Buddist prayer center. It was, to say the least….mmmm interesting. I am really not sure if this is for me. It involved meditation and then a circle introduction and activity about the circle of life and using medicine wheel. Here is a link to the information on a Medicine wheel. Very interesting.


We got to choose a card that spoke to us….mmm I wonder why this grabbed my eye So at any rate we were given a wheel to write on as we saw fit. I wrote my thoughts in the middle and then I struck on coming home that I should write the poem I wrote about Motherhood on the circle. So this afternoon I set aside time to go ahead and transfer the poem and then I decorated the outer limits into a mandala pattern as my own mindfulness exercise. Here is the end result.

day11aI am trying to make an effort to get out of the house but I am a little unsure about this group being the right thing for me. I think I prefer the Restorative yoga.

My college classes are supposed to start on Monday but the Math teacher made the material available to us already. This class is really stressing me out and so I decided to get started this afternoon. I got into the groove and finished all of the homework exercises that are due up until Feb 8th. So far so good but we will see how long that lasts.

The boy was at work most of the day. It was supposed to be his last day but he is squeezing in one last shift on Monday. He then went out for dinner with one of his high school friends. Forget spending time with your parents the week before you leave. There is no time for that.

Well, here we go. Time is moving fast and furious. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the nutritionist and then I need to go and pick up a cake for the farewell party on Saturday. I heard that Sprinkles now makes full-size cakes so I hope that they are pretty good.

May you have a peaceful Friday.


Ready, Set and Go

IMG_7416.jpgThe restorative yoga class was wonderful last night. I am going to be signing up at the end of this trial month. I plan to try and go at least twice a week. I will start off slow and see how it goes. My hip bone spur and ligament tears are making me limp again. So annoying. Maybe this will strengthen my joints.  It is really good for my soul.

I woke up late this morning. I took some sleeping aids to help me really sleep last night. I got up and started building the Ikea furniture that I need for the farmers market stall tomorrow. I am happy with what I purchased. It worked out well. I can get it out of the car myself and they are both wheeled items. The chair will have to be carried but it is not to bad I might even be able to put the chair on the clothing rack. The banner I ordered worked perfectly on the rolling shelf I bought to hold the business cards and cash box. I am set up to take credit cards on my phone and everything is set. I just need to remember to take my water and a few snacks.

I have tried to keep ahead of the anxiety today. I am still struggling but working keeps your brain busy. Yesterday my nutritionist was trying to convince me that I would really get my body kickstarted if I blended greens and fruit into smoothies and start off my day with it. So I decided to give it a try. I bought mixed pea greens and added it to some juice, strawberries puree that I froze and peaches and a banana. It was surprisingly so delicious that I want to seriously give it a try daily to get the nutrients that I am sorely lacking from my horrendous eating habits.

So I have absolutely no idea just what tomorrow will bring. I am extremely nervous. It is a beautiful hot day. All the doors and windows are open. The kiddo has gone to a friend’s birthday party and lovie and I have been chillings. I am 51 and I had a full beer…well an alcoholic root beer for the first time in my life. Not sure how you get to 51 without ever completing a beer but I have. It was really enjoyable in this hot weather. We did not even want to go to dinner we just found some salads and chicken in the fridge and ate at home. No fuss no muss.

I want to go to bed early tonight because of tomorrow’s market. I am so worried about having to pee. I have to be there from 9-2pm…yikes. I am alone for the whole time.

I interrupted this blog this evening to go for a lovely stroll around the lagoon with Lovie. As usual, it had cooled off a lot and it was on the chilly side but I managed to nab this very cool photo as the sun was setting. IMG_7426Catch you all later. I will most likely blog about my adventures at the farmer’s market tomorrow. I wish I was more confident.


Getting my bleep together

IMG_1334It seems like forever since I caught up with you on this blog. Time seems to run away from me. I have been a little more occupied than usual. I have been creating a number of new designs. I have put in applications to sell at the local farmers market from next week and also at a large flea market in the area in July. I tried a sidewalk sale last Saturday and I sold a purse within the first 15 minutes but the weather was foul. Whoever thinks we have great weather in California in summer is very confused. It was freezing and the wind was howling. Nana came to hang with me and then my baby sis and her kiddo came to say Hi. I packed it up after an hour. It was bitterly cold and the wind was too wild.

IMG_7354It was also my lovie’s birthday on that day and he took him to dinner at this super Indian place that had wonderful new style and refined Indian food. It was truly delicious.

I have also started yoga and I have been twice so far. The first class was Yin Gentle and the second one was Restorative Yoga. I really liked both classes and I have another Yin Gentle class on Wednesday. It is a very nice place and I love that I have come so far that I am not that self-conscious and I have the confidence to actually wear yoga pants and a tank top. Who cares? Well, I don’t on a good day…LOL. Those are few and in between moments but … know.  I have been walking for exercise a little as well.

Today I made a trip to Ikea for the first time in years. The amount of angst I had just trying to get out of the house this morning was ridiculous. The overthinking a simple trip to Ikea is just insane. The level of anxiety was insane but I did it. I wanted a clothing rack on wheels and a chair that would be easy to get in and out of…I took our foldable loungers on Saturday but they are to low and it feels like I am on the beach. I have some new designs and I am hoping that the Farmers Market is a good choice. I really need to start going to stores. Again…a courage issue.

Here are some of my latest samplings. Enjoy. They are all available at and and a few more on




Lots and Lots of Nothing but at least the flowers are pretty.

IMG_6656A crazy cocktail of Ativan, Advil pm and a nip of Bailey’s…the carefully crafted recipe for a nice night of sleep. LOL…crazy I know but I do not do it too often. I had my coffee and plonked down on the couch for lots and lots of nothing. I must be in one of those design funk days. I came up with a meh design for mother’s day. My red move circle on my watch was going nowhere fast. I was not really in the mood but I decided to put on my walking shoes and haul ass around the lagoon. A slow leisurely walk did me the world of good…mentally at least. I took a number of nature pictures so I will have some great shots to use in projects and to share here. I am enthralled by my audible book, Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It is extremely heartwarming and great listening for a walk. I even used my calm app to meditate. It felt good to be out on the lagoon again.  Max and I picked up BBQ for dinner and now an end to a “lots and lots of nothing” day with a little Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. It is very seldom that the three of us get to sit and relax together. Treasuring this time as it happens less and less. IMG_6618