Getting my bleep together

IMG_1334It seems like forever since I caught up with you on this blog. Time seems to run away from me. I have been a little more occupied than usual. I have been creating a number of new designs. I have put in applications to sell at the local farmers market from next week and also at a large flea market in the area in July. I tried a sidewalk sale last Saturday and I sold a purse within the first 15 minutes but the weather was foul. Whoever thinks we have great weather in California in summer is very confused. It was freezing and the wind was howling. Nana came to hang with me and then my baby sis and her kiddo came to say Hi. I packed it up after an hour. It was bitterly cold and the wind was too wild.

IMG_7354It was also my lovie’s birthday on that day and he took him to dinner at this super Indian place that had wonderful new style and refined Indian food. It was truly delicious.

I have also started yoga and I have been twice so far. The first class was Yin Gentle and the second one was Restorative Yoga. I really liked both classes and I have another Yin Gentle class on Wednesday. It is a very nice place and I love that I have come so far that I am not that self-conscious and I have the confidence to actually wear yoga pants and a tank top. Who cares? Well, I don’t on a good day…LOL. Those are few and in between moments but … know.  I have been walking for exercise a little as well.

Today I made a trip to Ikea for the first time in years. The amount of angst I had just trying to get out of the house this morning was ridiculous. The overthinking a simple trip to Ikea is just insane. The level of anxiety was insane but I did it. I wanted a clothing rack on wheels and a chair that would be easy to get in and out of…I took our foldable loungers on Saturday but they are to low and it feels like I am on the beach. I have some new designs and I am hoping that the Farmers Market is a good choice. I really need to start going to stores. Again…a courage issue.

Here are some of my latest samplings. Enjoy. They are all available at and and a few more on



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