Bang Bang

Beautifully sad 

I must be honest I have been a little lax with the blogs but for no real reason. Just caught up in doing nothing..LOL. Now things are settling down. I got my grade back from my Honors English class and it was an A. Now I can go ahead and enjoy summer and concentrate on the design business. I am trying to figure out all of the avenues. I am going to give it a try at the DeAnza Flea Market next month. It might be a little low brow for my items but I will not know unless I try. I also contacted the local San Carlos farmers market as they do allow nonfood vendors. I am keen to give it a try. Things are moving for sure.

Yesterday I finally tried Yoga. It was gentle Yin Yoga. I am still hoping for a Restorative yoga class showing up on the schedule at the local yoga place I have enrolled in. It was a little difficult as my bursitis makes my hip stiff but I must say that I enjoyed it. I have put on 10 pounds and I cannot get rid of it. I am so frustrated. I put on this weight after my iron infusion at the end of last year and I can scream because it will not budge. I do not exercise like I used to because of my hip but I am ready to ice it, novacaine it…do whatever it takes to at least get a mile every day. I hope to get the yoga in at least twice a week. I have to get rid of the 10 pounds. It is disgusting.  The nutritionist always tells me I eat too little so my body freaks out and holds onto every pound. Well doing it the other way makes me put on weight. I am not ashamed to say that I am obsessed with checking the scale. I do not have any faith in my ability not to keep gaining. I just would be happy for now to be down 10 pounds. If I eat 1200-1500 calories I put on weight. If I eat a thousand I stay the same. I want to scream somedays. MOVE ALREADY….(the scale)preview-pillow22-1574761-front-fThis is one of my latest designs. I am trying to keep coming up with new ideas. The purse design is below. It is a design featuring 5 purses. Here is the link

Tomorrow I am not staying home. They are doing repairs on the outside of the house and it is a nightmare. The banging and clanging are jangling my nerves. I am not sure where I am going but I am not staying here. I need to go and buy a clothing rack at Ikea if I am going to do the farmers market. It would be great to hang my scarves on for the farmers market. Or I could go to Half Moon Bay and look for boutiques that might carry my items…or I could just head south and visit Nana and Papa…mmmm decisions, decisions. Max just told me that he was possibly going to visit the head of his elementary/middle school. The guy was also their math teacher. He was going to go with two friends that he has had since Kindergarten. They all went to different prep schools but they are all still friends. That is the advantage of small schools the teachers all remember you.

He had to do traffic school online today for his speeding ticket. He also applied for a job and he has more than one that he needs to follow up on. He is a little bit of a lazy little bugger. You have to keep at him. He has no chance of just sitting around for 6 months until he starts college next year…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. He owes us $400 for his speeding ticket.

I will try and not be so lethargic about my blogging. Watch this space. Happy Monday. Have a great week.

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